Pro. Alaric Tokpa Condemns Attack On Yekeh Kolubah


MONROVIA – The head of the National Democratic Coalition (NDC) and Founding Chair of the New DEAL Movement (Liberia’s social democratic party), Prof. Alaric Tokpa has strongly condemned the recent gun attack on the residence Rep. Yekeh Kolubah, Representative of District # 10 in the national legislature of the Republic of Liberia and denounced the earlier violence carried out against innocent citizens who had been call together by Hon. Kolubah for a children party.

Prof. Tokpa believes that the attack on Hon. Kolubah who is a lawmaker is not only sufficient evidence that a dangerous dictatorship has appeared in Liberia but also a clear sign that citizens of Liberia and opposition politicians have no protection under the George Weah dictatorship. 

Prof. Tokpa therefore calls on all well-meaning Liberians, the leaders and members of political parties, civil society organizations, the ECOWAS Authority and other actors in the international community to conduct full independent investigation of the situation and put the Liberian government on notice that it will bear full responsibility for any breakdown of the peace process that will result from the unprofessional behavior of Liberian security forces and/or government officials.

The NDC Chairman is further concerned that the concentration of wealth and power at the center of the Weah administration as opposed to serious attempts at the implementation of the government’s own “agenda for transformation and development”, in the midst of all the hardship and poverty, is an indication that the Weah government is acting in ways that invite dissatisfaction, disapproval, and condemnation. As such, critical attitude toward the excesses of the Weah dictatorship should not constitute the basis for violent attack on citizens who oppose bad government policies. 

Prof. Tokpa who described the Weah administration as a dictatorship that is incurably and unrepentantly corrupt has also said that he sees the Weah dictatorship moving along the path of self-destruction, as breakdown from within and mass resistance from without are only a matter of time. 

Recently, Prof. Alaric Tokpa condemned the ban on student politics at the University of Liberia and insisted that the attack on democratic practices in the student community was only the beginning of a wickedly motivated and calculated plan that is aimed at liquidating critical voices and opposition politicians in Liberia. He therefore calls on all concerned to come together and work hard to place George Weah in his proper lane in order to ensure the protection of the Constitution of Liberia and the Comprehensive Peace Accord of 2003.