Liberia: VP Taylor Challenges Rep. Kolubah, Vows to Campaign Against the Lawmaker’s Re-election Bid

VP Howard-Taylor said over the years, Rep. Kolubah has done nothing tangible for his constituent, other than raining insults at the President and his political opponents.

CAPITOL HILL, MONROVIA – With just five months to Liberia’s crucial general elections, Montserrado County District 10 is becoming a center of attraction as the district’s incumbent lawmaker, Rep. Yekeh Y. Kolubah and Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor have descended into a war of words.

By Gerald C. Koinyeneh – [email protected]

In the latest episode of their verbal war, Vice President Howard-Taylor, in a defiant mood said that she is not afraid of Rep. Kolubah, and will actively campaign for her partisan, former Commerce Inspector General Josephine Davies.

Recently, Rep. Kolubah accused the Vice President of financially supporting Madam Davies who has declared her intention to take on him (Rep. Kolubah) and others for the district’s legislative seat in the impending presidential and legislative elections. He warned VP Howard-Taylor to stop meddling in his constituent’s politics or he will go “dirty on her”.

He said while it is the VP’s right to support any candidate of her choice, he will not hesitate to return “fire for fire”.

“So, I’m calling on our mother, chief Jewel Howard Taylor, not to get involved with District 10 politics. Because I believe in dirty politics. You sit down in your house with Josephine Davis and decide to give her money to campaign against me. That’s your right, but if you get involved with dirty politics, I will drag you in the mud with no regret,” he said.

‘Army to army’

Responding to the controversial lawmaker at an event organized by the “Majority Legislative” to affirm their support to the re-election bid of President George Weah at the Capitol last week, VP Howard-Taylor said she was not afraid of him and vowed to tour the district in the coming days.

She said, “Honorable Yekeh Kolubah, and Mr. Speaker, I’m calling his name because he had press conference and mentioned my name there; I will begin touring District 10 soon and it will be an army to army where people will come see who is who because I’m not afraid of you.”

VP Taylor, a resident of Montserrado District 10, is a strong supporter of Madam Davies, a fellow partisan of the Coalition for Democratic Change. At the event, the Vice President reaffirmed her support to the former Commerce Inspector General, and said it was time to rally behind her to replace Rep. Kolubah at the ballot box.

She added that over the years, Rep. Kolubah has done nothing tangible for his constituents, other than raining insults at the President and his political opponents. Such individuals, she said, have no place in leadership positions.

‘We remain unwavering’

Meanwhile, the supporters of Josephine Davies have come in defense of VP Howard-Taylor, saying Rep. Kolubah’s outburst against the Vice President for exercising her constitutional rights exposes his intolerance and clearly indicates that he is unfit for the job.

The group lauded the Vice President for “boldly” confronting Kolubah, and said they are standing with her as they all rally support for Madam Davis.

The group said, “Rep. Kolubah’s recent attack on the Vice President for duly exercising her constitutional rights, and continued insults at the President of the Republic of Liberia are clear testaments that he is not fit to represent a classroom, not mentioning a whole electoral district that has thousands of residents. How can a man who ‘believe in dirty politics’ represent a civilized community? He cannot be a role model for young people – the future leaders. That’s why we, the supporters of Josephine Davies, remain resolved and unwavering in our quest to champion the cause for the election of Madam Davies as the next Representative of Montserrado County District #10.”