Liberia: Sen Yallah, Deputy Speaker Moye Go Ahead Of 2020 Midterm Election

Deputy Speaker Prince Moye being greeted by an elder of the county

Yellequelleh District, Bong County – Ahead of the 2020 mid-term senatorial election, the fight for who becomes the next senator of Bong County has ignited. On Saturday, both lawmakers attacked one another at separate programs.

Yallah, who is seeking a second nine-year term, took a jibe at Rep. Prince Moye, questioning the Deputy Speaker’s social record.

“I don’t have past social burdens, none. I have never raped before. I have never signed a blank check,” Sen Yallah said in an apparent dig at Rep. Moye, who in 2016 was accused of raping a minor.”

“I can never rape. The day you hear that I, Sen Yallah rape, stone me,” Yallah said.

Senator Yallah urged people of Bong County to come out and resist Rep Moye whom he branded as “Pharoah”, warning that his election as senator of Bong County would bring about hatred in the county.

Senator Yallah added: “Rep. Moye is a wicked guy who would fight you for standing up to him. The difference between me and Rep. Moye is I won’t go after your jobs because you oppose me, but Rep. Moye would go after you, target you at your job places for standing up to him. It’s time that you stand along with me to stop this creeping monster who wants to destroy our county.”

Senator Henry Yallah speaking to residents of Bong County

The Bong County lawmaker said assuming the people of Bong County don’t want to re-elect him, they should never resolve to elect Rep. Moye.

The Senator added: “There are other competent sons and daughters of Bong County that are contesting, more competent than Rep. Moye. The likes of Amb. Jeremiah Sulunteh, Madam Dorothy Tooman, Benedict Sagbeh are all competent and respected around the world. If you don’t want to re-elect me, I would refer you choosing any of them to Rep. Moye.”

The lawmaker wondered why Rep. Moye is seeking for the position of a Senator when the position of a Deputy Speaker is bigger than the position of a Senator. “Rep. Moye is greedy. He has a budget of over US$ 750,000 and can employ over 40 persons. Isn’t that greediness?”

At least, 2,000 citizens who had gone to attend the ground breaking of a market building on the Monrovia-Ganta highway clad in white t-shirts with the inscriptions “No Need for Change” chanted “Yallah! Yallah!” as he jabbed Rep Moye.

Senator Yallah, accompanied by three other Bong lawmakers, touted his track records in which he said he constructed town halls, sponsored Bong County students at various universities across the country.

Rep Moye’s personal dig at Sen Yallah

Rep. Moye, who announced that he won’t seek a third term in district #2, pictured a bleak picture of Sen Yallah’s eight years as senator.

“Senator Yallah has failed you,” Rep. Moye said. “You supported him when he had nothing. He cried on you in 2020 and you feel for him and elected him. What has he done? Nothing!”

Rep. Moye Drew attention to his lifestyle, stating that he has lived a humbled life and has never been accused of killing another one before, least to mention his wife. “People have been accused of killing their wife,” Rep. Moye said in an apparent dig at Sen Yallah.

Rep Moye branded Senator Yallah as a “monument of failure” describing the senator’s quest of dividing the county as a classic example of his failure to bring back the dividends of democracy.

“Any leader who is fronting to divide people on the basis of one portion of the county has been underrepresented is a failure. He has failed over the years and looking for scapegoat. But I want to admonish you people to reject Senator Yallah,” Rep Moye said.

Rep Moye’s senatorial ambition

Rep Moye, a two-term lawmaker, is poised to declare his ambition to contest the Senate after “seeking consultations” with citizens in the county.

Rep. Moye continues to enjoy support from prominent citizens in the county, including former Bong Superintendent, Selena Polson-Mappy, who abandoned her ambition “for the sake of Rep. Moye”.

While Rep. Moye rumored interest in the senate race continues to enjoy support, it has never been short of criticisms.

Many feel the proximity of former District#3 lawmaker, George Mulbah, with Rep Moye could spell doom and endanger the Deputy Speaker’s chances of winning.

Former Rep Mulbah, currently indicted by the Ministry of Justice for his role played in the construction of the Bong County Technical College, has gone out of favor with citizens of the county with many threatening to campaign against Rep Moye because of his affiliation with Mulbah.

Jonathan Doubah, a resident of Gbarnga, said: “George Mulbah is a moral burden for Rep. Moye. We don’t feel fine seeing him with Moye. If the association continues, we will punish Rep. Moye at the ballot box like we did to Mulbah in 2017.