Liberia: Lofa Citizens Petition Joseph Boakai to Honorably Retire from Politics after Serving Country for Nearly 50 Years


VOINJAMA – A group of citizens from Lofa County have called on the standard bearer of the Unity Party and former Vice President Joseph Boakai to honorably retire from politics, having served the country for almost 50 years in different capacities.

“Our Uncle has served our country in many capacities for almost 50 years, including being a vice president of our country for 12 unbroken years. Therefore, the concerned citizens of Lofa County have realized that our uncle is no longer in good health to continue serving us, according to his own confession during a radio interview recently,” the citizens noted in a petition statement.

The former vice president has always insisted that he is fit and in good health to contest the Liberian presidency.

Mr. Boakai will be 78 years old in 2023. If things work his way or in his favor following the finding of a resolution to the rigmarolewithin the CPP, he will be contesting against President Weah, who will be in his late 50s.

Mr. Boakai told a BBC Focus on Africa interview early this month that despite his age, he remains fully fit and capable to compete with the incumbent come 2023 general and presidential elections.

“In terms of fitness, I am very fit; in terms of being able to compete, I am very, very capable. We are not talking about age. I am in very good health. Weah may be in his 50s, but he’s not doing what the people want”.

Mr. Boakai maintained that Liberia and its citizens currently need a leader that is capable, fit, and able to lead by examples.

“I don’t have health problems. I am a normal human being; went through normal things. My activities have shown that I am capable and able to move around wherever I need to go”.

He told the BBC that Liberians, especially young people have realized that they made a mistake in the past to elect President Weah, and now see him as one who will “set the agenda for them for a prosperous Liberia”.

However, his kinsmen and women believe that the 76-year-old statesman is being coerced by some “unscrupulous or dishonest individuals that have no political gravitas in our country. They are doing so for their own selfish political gains at the detriment of our uncle Joseph N. Boakai.”

They admonished the former vice president to live a peaceful retirement life with his children and grandchildren.