Liberia: 11 Political Parties Form ‘Rainbow Alliance’ through Collaboration

Some members of the new Rainbow Alliance

Monrovia – In an effort to democratically replace the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), in the upcoming 2023 presidential election, 11 registered political parties in Liberia have joined forces to sign a declaration of intent to form an alliance called “The Rainbow Alliance.”

The 11 political parties said they are prepared to engage the political landscape of Liberia in a constructive manner and subsequently deliver the country from the hands of self-seeking leaders.

According to the Rainbow Alliance officers, there are too many political parties in Liberia that sometimes confuse the people of Liberia which direction to go.

The 11 registered political parties’ executives affixed their signatures to the document establishing the Rainbow Alliance include the Liberia Restoration Party (LRD), Change Democratic Action (CDA), Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE), Democratic Justice Party (DJP), and Victory for Change Party (VCP).

Others include Grassroot Democratic Party of Liberia (GDPL), Redemption Democratic Congress (RDC), Peoples Unification Party (PUP), Vision for Liberia Transformation Party (VOLT), New Liberia Party (NLP) and the True Whig Party (TWP).

Speaking at the signing ceremony, the National Chairman of the Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE), Dan Saryee expressed gratitude that the parties have shown their commitment by coming under one umbrella.

MOVEE Chairman Saryee, who also led his party at the headquarters of the CDC to support President Weah in the second round against the Unity Party, is now calling on all political parties to put aside their egos and work together to become a big force.

Saryee, however, hailed themselves for the bold steps taken, saying, “Many thought this would not have happened; no one thought we could have done this, to bring 11 political parties together wasn’t an easy thing but we have achieved it.”

The MOVEE Chairman said they have come together because the people of Liberia need to find the solution to their problems everyone facing. “We are organizing ourselves to assess the situation which has kept our country poor and underdeveloped,” he added.

During the signing ceremony, the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) did not go unnoticed as one of the founding members of the Rainbow Alliance, former presidential candidate and political leader of Vision for Liberia Transformation Party (VOLT), Dr. Jeremiah Z. Whapoe, pointed accusing fingers at the ruling party for launching a massive damage on the country.

He said the ruling party has damaged the body politics in Liberia and subsequently dragged the entire nation into a reversed gear.

“The election of the CDC-led government [is] a mistake that has caused colossal damage not only to our body politics, but dragging the entire nation into a reversed gear,” Dr. Whapoe noted.

He was also among political leaders who affixed their signatures to birthing the Rainbow Alliance.

“The marriage is intended to amalgamate forces with any political institution who is so desired to bring to bear equitable distribution of the national wealth that has been pocketed due to ill-leadership.”

He furthered stated that, “Our country is in peril, in such a situation, citizens come together with a mindset to repel the damages created,” he said.

Also, the True Whig Party (TWP) National Chairman, Mr. Reginald B. Goodridge, affixing his signature to the document frown on the retrogression of the nation.

He said it was due to the commitment of all of the parties behind the scene that gave birth to the Rainbow Alliance.

He noted that the fact that their plans were not leaked to the public is a testimony to the seriousness and maturity of each member of the Alliance.

“The purpose of this Rainbow Alliance is to give voice to the voiceless parties and their many constituencies. We are erasing the notion that they are small or second-class political parties; we will work together to make it works.”

He continued: “We are significant and ready to govern, all political parties, no matter which size, they are a government in waiting. If it does not happen now, it will happen one day; it all depends on our purpose,” he noted.

Goodridge further noted that the Rainbow Alliance plans is to govern itself with efficiency, intelligence and good sense, saying all it hopes to do is to practice so that when it is given the opportunity to govern Liberia, it will already know what to do.

The ceremony was graced by members of other political parties in the opposition community and others prominent individuals in society.

Representing the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), the secretary General of the CPP Mr. Mo Ali thanked officials of the Rainbow Alliance for their efforts in establishing the coalition. Ali said this will help to minimize the number of political parties during election period. “We are grateful for this, and we in the CPP are looking forward to working with you to restore the hope of our citizens,” he concluded.