Deputy Speaker Terms Allegation of Funding Secret Recording As ‘False Claims’


Monrovia – Deputy House Speaker Prince Moye on Wednesday described as “a false claims” a recent allegation by Bong County District Three lawmaker Marvin Cole that the opposition lawmakers in the county colluded with someone to secretly record the County Superintendent.

Report by Selma Lomax, [email protected]

In the audio recording, the now suspended superintendent Madam Esther Walker, can be heard explaining her experience with Finance Minister Samuel Tweah and the Minister of State Nathaniel McGill with confidantes in her office. In the narration, she said President George Weah was annoyed with a traditional honor bestowed by chiefs of Bong County on Vice President Jewel Howard.

Madam Walker was suspended by President Weah after the leaked audio went viral.

During his appearance on the Truth Breakfast show Tuesday, Rep. Cole, who is the only Coalition of Democratic Change lawmaker out of the county’s eight seats, accused the opposition lawmakers of colluding with someone in the county to make the government unpopular.

“The secret recording was carried out by the opposition lawmakers in the county who have been working tirelessly to make the government unpopular,” Rep. Cole alleged.

But reacting swiftly to Rep. Cole’s claims on the Truth Breakfast Show Wednesday, the Deputy Speaker, member of the former ruling Unity Party, described the accusation as “a false claim”.

Moye said many people of Bong County no longer take the Representative Cole seriously. 

“This claim is coming for someone who has faulted on all his promises he made during the campaign,” Rep. Moye said. 

“The people of Bong County don’t trust anything that comes from Rep. Cole’s mouth.”

Rep. Moye believes his colleague’s allegation against opposition lawmakers is an “act of travesty” intended to seek favor amid claims of a strained relationship with the presidency. 

“We understand where this claim is coming from. Our colleague had been bragging of having a close relationship with the president and with the latest revelation that he has fallen out of favor with the presidency he has to win back his relationship at our expense,” Rep. Moye.

The Deputy Speaker said the prime suspect of the secret recording – Amos Barbu – is a staffer of Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor.  

“Amos Barbu, whom many believe is the prime suspect of the act works for the Vice President,” Rep. Moye said. 

“Is Rep. Cole saying that the opposition sent Amos Barbu to go and record the superintendent?”

Rep. Moye, who described the leaked audio as a shame not only to the suspended superintendent but the entire county, said Madam Walker was a victim of conspiracy by people she confided in. 

“It has been a long lasting internal fight that those from within felt that because they recommended the superintendent and she was not listening to some of their demands they decided to bring her to public ridicule,” he said.

meanwhile, Rep. Moye said despite being in opposition, lawmakers of the county forged a united front with the superintendent and the vice president in making government achieve its goals.