Cummings Momentum: ‘Feeling Pretty Good’ – Presidential Candidate Says


Monrovia – Alexander Cummings remains hopeful of his chances in this year’s presidential race.

“The energy feels good, the enthusiasm feels good and we are feeling pretty good about where we are and we are going,” the candidate told FrontPageAfrica at the weekend, hours before venturing into New Kru Town where he won the endorsement of Maryland County residents residing in the populated district.

In New Kru Town, Mr. Cummings, the political leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), was humble after received a statement of support for his Presidential bid from Marylanders in Montserrado.

The program held on the D-Tweh sports pitch in New Kru Town, was graced by thousands of citizens hailing from Maryland County including the elderly, traditional, disabled and the young people.

Cummings, the retired Coca Cola executive, hails from Maryland located in the southeastern region of Liberia.

It is there, the humanitarian, philanthropist and business leader is hoping to make his play for the presidency.

Reading the statement on behalf of the people of Pleebo-Sodoken and Harper districts, Mr. Peter T. Gbarbo, President of Pleebo-Sodoken district said, the support came as a result of a close consultation with his people back home in Maryland County.

A Beacon of Hope, Marylanders Say

Mr. Gbarbo pointed out that after the consultation with his people; they unanimously agreed to support the ANC Political leader who is a proud son of the county.

“After close consultation with our people, we the citizens of Pleebo-Sodoke district and Harper district have unanimously agreed to pledge our support to your presidential bid in the upcoming elections”.

As of the 2008 Census, the county had a population of 136,404, making it the seventh most populous county in Liberia and is bordered by Grand Kru to the west and River Gee to the north.

The eastern part of Maryland borders the neighbouring Ivory Coast and is separated by the Cavalla River.

Mr. Peter T. Gbarbo also reveal that before reaching the decision to support Mr. Cummings’ bid for the Presidency, they (Marylanders) carefully followed his (Mr. Cummings) records and realized that he is a beacon of hope for the people of Liberia.

The Pleebo-Sodoken district President however called on all Marylanders and well-meaning Liberians to join the train in supporting the ANC Political leader’s Presidential bid.

Receiving the statement of support from the people of Pleebo-Sodoken and Harper districts, Mr. Alexander B. Cummings thanked his kinsmen for the support.

“I want to thank the People of Pleebo-Sodoken and Harper districts for coming here today to pledge their support for me. I’m very happy and once again, I say thank you”.

Southeast Roads a Priority, Candidate Says

The ANC’s Political leader promised the people of Maryland and the entire South-East of the Country that he will prioritize their road if elected as President.

“Let me say this. I travelled to Maryland to celebrate the late President Tubman’s birthday and I know how it is like to visit the county especially during rainy seasons.”

“It should not be the way it is during the rainy season which does not allow you to travel to Maryland” he said. 

Meanwhile, Mr. Cummings is calling on all Liberians especially partisans of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) and his supporters to turn out in their numbers to register which will enable them to vote during the elections.

“I’m calling on all ANC members including my supporters to turn out to register during the voters’ registration which will start on February 1 and ends March 7. For me to become President, you need to register which will enable you to vote during the elections”.

Party insiders say Saturday’s show in New Kru Town was a prelude to the party’s first rally in the year on Friday, January 27 at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium (ATS).

Despite his late entry on the 2017 political circuit, Mr. Cummings who has acknowledged that he is still playing catch-up appears to gaining some grounds in the rural parts of Liberia amid reports in recent week that behind-the-scenes discussions are taking place between the ANC and the Movement for Economic Empowerment of former Central Bank of Liberia governor Mills Jones.

Sources from both parties said the discussions have been aimed at exploring possible collaboration.

In addition to the MOVEE coalition talks, the ANC is also said to be in discussion with Ambassador Jeremiah Sulunteh, who recently ended his duty as Ambassador to the United States of America.

On the regional front, Mr. Cummings has also been making in-roads with regional leaders and business players in the Ivory Coast and Nigeria, seen as crucial for building support for his presidential quest.