The Offspring Of A Barren Liberia (Part 1)


He died rich but his body was laid to rest on the earth of the poorest Nation in the world. How could a wealthy and powerful man like him be received by the weak arms of Africa’s Most Popular Beggar? Imagine the Question I am asking too, he could have made things great, wasn’t he the President of the Nation? 

By Edwin Mohammed Elic-Jaleiba, [email protected]

I wish his government was more careful with our missing 16 billion and other Profitable resources, if they didn’t eat all at least shared some with our starving Educational Sector, Agricultural Sector, Health Sector and much more, with this we would be truly sad that Africa’s First and only World Best Footballer turned President is gone for good and no one is perfect enough to replace him.

If you are a die-hard supporter of this Present Government your heart would be in your throat in fear and you would be wondering what nonsense is this writer saying, He must be mad! By the way I am in my right senses, I was simply lost in the Imaginations of claims made by the President and those who follow him religiously that his enemies are planning to assassinate him. 

These are just harmless thoughts of this Nation having a dead President at this critical stage, would it make any difference? To assassinate a President is like a brain damaging slap to the face, it kill’s everything to the point that the World would see that the Security or Defense Arm of the Nation is more like a Crippled and blind Big Body Bouncer Who was employed by a boss to protect him and his Family. 

This Announcement is bad PR for the government because we know how many investors that wouldn’t want to put their money in a Nation whose President isn’t safe and that’s because if the Number one man of the nation is in danger that means investors and their investments would suffer the same fate. 

Tweah and Eugene should have figured out that the thick dark smoke that wildly takes charge of the Atmosphere when a house is burning is more alarming than the fire that burns the house itself because that’s what people will use to judge the incident because no one will want to take the risk of entering the burning house to check how much or little the fire is blazing, No one will. 

The rumoured Assassination from what it looks like was designed to draw sympathy and love from the people, it was just a way of shifting the people’s mind from complaining and angrily criticizing this present Government and its Policies. Unknowingly this rumour has built a silent protest in the heart of the people for a woman to rule this Nation once more, when people compare this Government and the Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf led Government that’s when you here statements like “What a man can do a woman can do better”. 

The only good thing the thought of the President being assassinated has done for some people is to see the Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor Succeed as the Second Female President of the Nation to defend the above statement “What a man can do a woman can do better”. All the President needs to do now is to create trusted channels for us to believe in him and his Government more than ever! Not to allow some sensitive and classical information’s sneak out from his camp into the public to create great panic among the People.

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