Open Letter To President-Elect Biden: The Road To Healing & Uniting the United Divided States of America Begins in Poverty-stricken Liberia and Passes Through Impoverished Indian Reservations Across America

Rev. Torli H. Krua, Founder, Universal Human Rights International (UHRI)

Dear Mr. President-Elect & Vice President-Elect;

Warm greetings and congratulations to you, President-Elect Joe Biden, and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris for a resounding victory in the 2020 presidential elections.

With the campaign behind us, we wholeheartedly endorse your declaration to the American People and the world at large; “It’s time to unite and heal America.” As an organization committed to fighting for racially oppressed Americans and refugees for decades, The Universal Human Rights International (UHRI) shares your conviction of prioritizing fighting Covid-19, healing and uniting the United States of America.

Considering the chronic and uncompromising ideological division in Congress and the growing racial division in this racially diverse country, the greatest obstacle on the road to healing and uniting America remains the unmitigated seed of officially sanctioned racism that germinated in Congress and is still bearing the bitter fruits of death and destruction among generations of non-white Americans banished by official racism.

The first step on the road to “uniting the United States…” is to uproot the tree of officially sanctioned racism. Please immediately appoint a commission of inquiry into America’s ongoing crimes against humanity of unmitigated officially sanctioned racial division that was codified in Congress on March 26, 1790, which led to the eventual extermination, illegal removal, colonization, and banishment of African Americans to the American Colony of Liberia, two deadly centuries of atrocities against indigenous African tribes in Liberia, as well as ongoing crimes against African Americans and Native Americans across the United States.

Why is a commission of inquiry the necessary first step in dealing with Covid-19, healing, and uniting the United (DIVIDED) States of America?  There are three reasons:

  • Firstly, most Americans are unaware that their racially diverse country, the United States of America is deeply divided along racial lines in 2020 as it was in 1920, 1820, 1720, and 1620. Americans are also clueless that their racially divided “United “ States is slowly inching not only towards self-destruction but also potentially taking down the whole world with it. There is good news! America’s catastrophic fall is avoidable. “United we stand. Divided we fall.” So let’s unite, beginning with mitigating racism.
  • Secondly, and consistent with the Holy Scriptures; “Righteousness exalts a nation!” Therefore if America is to be united, the truth about America’s transgressions must be exposed. There needs to be public confession, repentance, restitution, and reconciliation with aggrieved Americans and descendants of banished Americans.
  • Thirdly, healing, and uniting of America must begin at the point where Americans were illegally torn apart by white supremacists because of the complexion of their skins. In other words, there must be mitigation of officially sanctioned racism of March 26, 1790, when Congress limited citizenship only to “white persons” and laid the foundations for extermination, colonization, and banishment of non-white Americans. Mitigation must begin within aggrieved communities directly impacted by American Apartheid: Liberia, Indian Reservations, and African American Communities across America.

Mr. President-Elect, America’s deep division along racial lines was deliberate. It’s not that Americans don’t care about their racially diverse neighbors and fellow citizens; Americans simply don’t know the truth about ongoing American transgressions.

Sir, you promised to be the president for all Americans, including those who voted against you. However, some of your political opponents are members of the Ku-Klux-Klan, Trump-supporting Evangelical Christians, white supremacist groups, neo-Nazis, and white nationalists who still strongly believe in the 1790 law that initiated racial partitioning of America.

These people are human beings too, with whom we at UHRI disagree but still consider them equal as human beings and Americans, nevertheless! And it’s not that these white supremacists just don’t care about their fellow human beings, most of them don’t know the history and contributions of non-white Americans who were illegally removed, exterminated, banished, and colonized in order to make room for white European immigrants.

These political opponents are acting based on information available to them. Officially sanctioned racism was not an accident but a calculated and carefully crafted design by white supremacists to cover up the truth about racial atrocities.

By design, the true story of how millions of innocent non-white American lives and contributions were wiped out from the face of the Earth and from American History books must be told in this battle for the soul, hearts, and minds of America.

Without this narrative, ignorant white European Immigrants and their descendants in America, who work hard to succeed grow angry that their wealth is being stolen to pay for healthcare for ‘lazy African Americans and Native Americans’. Decades of cruel treatment of Liberian refugees, whose ancestors built America before they were deported to Africa seem justified, as Liberians are considered foreigners who don’t belong in this country.

The commission of inquiry will gather data but data alone will not win the hearts and minds of generations of white European Americans who have been fed with conspiracy theories since time immemorial.

Mr. President-Elect, although you are white, you always empathize with Africans during the shameful periods of systemic racial oppression and disenfranchisement of African Americans during the civil rights era and worldwide. Long before the horrific death of George Floyd that aroused worldwide horror and protests, your support for oppressed Black South Africans in Congress was loud, unequivocal and clear; “…our favorites in South Africa are the people that are being repressed by the ugly white regime” And so it was not a surprise when African American Congressman Clyburn led African Americans and the United States of America in handing to you and Vice President-Elect Harris the widest margins of victory in American history!

Now as President, you know the path to healing and uniting the United States of America must begin with Americans torn from their native land by racism, banished, forgotten, and colonized in Liberia, as well as  African Americans and Native Americans struggling in Indian Reservations across America!

While generations of new immigrants enjoy limitless opportunities in America, descendants of banished Americans languish conveniently ‘out of sight and out of mind’ in misery and in the poverty-stricken American colony of Liberia, West Africa, in African American communities, and in Indian Reservations across America.

Not only Trump supporters, most liberal Americans, including your supporters, are ignorant of the deadly cancer of American Apartheid, a crime against humanity that was born on March 26, 1790, when the U.S. Congress passed a law limiting citizenship only to “white persons”. The Congress voted on the bill and President George Washington, an owner of 317 slaves signed the bill into law.

Furthermore, few Americans know that on March 3, 1819, Congress passed a law that appropriated $100,000 of taxpayers money, authorized the use of the US Navy to provide “logistics for the establishment of an African colony-Liberia” for the removal and colonization of non-white Americans – aka “free men of color.” And in May 1830, Congress passed another law-The Indian Removal Act, to banish Native Americans, the other non “white” group of Americans, to accommodate European Immigrants.

Generations of new Americans know nothing about the unmitigated American law that initiated racial division and its deadly impact on descendants of non-white Americans today. The Speaker of the House at Congress, Henry Clay gave the desired purpose of racial division; “… to get rid of a useless and pernicious, if not dangerous, a portion of our population.

In the words of high ranking U.S. government officials who were all white slaveholders and founding fathers of Liberia “...the colonization of the free people of color, will render the slave who remains in America more obedient, more faithful, more honest, and, consequently, more useful to his master, is it proper to regard this happy consequence to both, as the sole object which the Society (ACS) hope to attain… Attorney General William Wirt, in the Opinion of the Attorney General #229, dated October 16, 1819, found that using taxpayers’ money to colonize non-white Americans was illegal.

Most current members of Congress don’t even know that according to the Liberian Constitution of 1824, people born in Liberia were entitled to all privileges of American citizens. Not only did 80% of the first wave of African American racial refugees removed from America and colonized in Africa perish due to malaria and thousands of Native Americans subjected to the Indian Removal Act exterminated right here in America.

Mr. President-Elect, American Apartheid isn’t just a forgotten history, it’s still killing descendants of non-white Americans right now, albeit, conveniently under the radar of white American consciousness and the American media. For example, in the past two decades, including the two terms of the Obama-Biden Administration, UHRI has been focused on advocacy, albeit in vain, for young American citizens of color and their Liberian Mothers airlifted from Monrovia, Liberia by US Marines during “Operation Shining Express” ordered by Republican President George W. Bush in June 2003.

For no justifiable reasons, these vulnerable young Americans and their Liberian mothers were denied access to humanitarian assistance and permits to work. The U.S media didn’t take notice. Moreover, today, November 13, 2020, many are still unemployed, without access to humanitarian assistance, and without work permits, the Liberian Refugee Fairness Act, notwithstanding!

Mr. President-elect and Madame Vice President-elect, in order to begin bridging America’s racial divide, we invite you for a virtual road trip across Liberia, where the descendants of American Settlers (1st wave of American refugees) and indigenous African tribes are still being oppressed and crushed under the weight of American racism and American Colonization.

In addition to the true story of the racial atrocities against Americans to be generated by the commission of inquiry, human interest stories of how racial atrocities of the past are still ravaging the lives of descendants of Americans illegally banished will, doubtless, get the attention of people who will never listen to you Mr. President-Elect.

For example, the story of Elvia “Rose” Ramirez, a 17-year-old from an Indian Reservation in South Dakota, United States of America died two days after the 2020 elections because of under-resourced medical facilities where she lived may cause any Ku-Klux Klan father or white supremacist mother to pulse, think or even weep with compassion.

Any racist mother or father of young children who reads the story of Princess, a 13-year-old Liberian Girl, whose genitals were savagely removed, murdered, and mutilated in the Liberian Capital City of Monrovia because American Taxpayers unwittingly incentivize the excessive salaries and benefits of Liberian politicians. 

With these examples and human interest stories, it becomes crystal clear, any attempt to unite and heal America must begin in the impoverished colony of Liberia, African American Communities, and Native American communities across the United States.

Why start in Liberia? The tears, blood, and sweat of the ancestors of Liberia built America before they were illegally deported and colonized. Even so, up to 22 million citizens from 39 countries (Liberia excluded) are allowed yearly into the United States without visas under the American Visa Waivers Program. Liberians are not only massively denied visas, Liberia is the 4th worst visa denial country in the world.

This means the US Embassy in Monrovia runs a ‘business’ of raking in millions of dollars yearly in “non-refundable” visa fees unfairly charged to poor Liberians aiming to visit their family members in the United States. In 1990, in violation of the “equal protection” clause, a U.S State department cable ordered consulate officers in Liberia to deny all Liberians and consider only foreigners leaving Liberia.

In 2020, unemployed Liberian beneficiaries of the Liberian Refugee Fairness Act are charged filing fees of $1225.00 per applicant. In fact, Section 245(i) of the U.S Immigration and Nationality Act exempts refugees from paying filing fees for green cards. Millions of Somalis, Vietnamese and other refugees didn’t have to pay a dollar to get a green card.

The 102nd (1991-1992) Congress passed a law that allowed 52,968 Chinese nationals to get permanent residency status. The 105th Congress (1997-1998) passed legislation known as NACARA. Under this law, 150,000 Nicaraguans, 5,000 Cubans, 200,000 El Salvadorans, and 50,000 Guatemalans got permanent residency status.

Four (4) US Presidents, Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, James Madison & Andrew Jackson helped in the removal, banishment, and colonization of Americans of color in Liberia.

American taxpayers are still sponsoring the government of Liberia, despite endemic corruption and excessive salaries and benefits of officials, many of whom are American citizens.

Budgets, Salaries & BenefitsLiberia / $535.4 MUnited States of America $4.79 trillion
President$3,943,030.00 Budget$400,000.00  Salary Yearly
Vice President$2,431,003.00 Budget$230,700.00  Salary Yearly
Speaker Of the House$1,000,370.00 Budget$223,500.00  Salary Yearly
Pro Tempore$1,369,423.00 Budget$193,400.00  Salary Yearly
Senators$180,000.00$174,000.00  Salary Yearly

In the first twenty years of the colony of Liberia, the US Navy provided security under the United States Flag and was ruled by white men appointed by the Colonization Society.

The Liberian Flag, a replica of the American Flag is red, white, and blue with one star. The currency is the US Dollar. Ten Presidents of Liberia were African Americans born and educated in the United States.

According to Article 1 of the 1824 colonial constitution of Liberia, “All persons born within the limits of the territory held by the American Colonization Society in Liberia, in Africa, or removing there to reside, shall be free and entitled to all the privileges, as are enjoyed by the citizens of the United States.”

Mr. President Elect and Madame Vice President-Elect, we are grateful to you for your kind consideration of our recommendations for healing and uniting the United States of America. God bless you and God bless America! Congratulations!

Sincerely Yours,

Torli H. Krua

Pastor Torli H. Krua, Founder, Universal Human Rights International (UHRI)