Reversible Not Irreversible


There is plenty hala-hala in Liberia today because persons elected to represent the people of Liberia promoted a ruling saying that they should be paid by the government of Liberia (GOL)  after they have left the National Legislature. These Legislators do not know that they, as human beings, can make decisions that are reversible. These Legislators do not know that only Our Creator called Ngala in the Kpelle language, the most widely spoken language in Liberia, can not make any mistake and, therefore, whatever is done by Ngala is irreversible.

By Togba-Nah Tipoteh

Fortunately, the voters of Liberia know that whatever actions human beings take are reversible. Therefore, the people of Liberia, working together non-violently through the Rule  of Law, took action to make reversible what was considered by Legislators to be irreversble. What was considered irreversible was the decision made by Legislators to get income from the GOL while they are no longer Legislators. In the first place, these Legislators, like other public officials, come to the GOL not to serve but to be served and such is against the Constitution of Liberia that the Legislators have sworn to Our Creator to and to the people of Liberia to protect.

When there is nothing sytemic in place to end longstanding and widespread corruption, any money given to any GOL offcial ends up in corruption because of the systemic way of taking for private use what is for public use. The GOL has already declared corruption as the number one enemy of the State of Liberia. Ironically enough, the government of the United States of America (USA) that continues to support the GOL has issued sanctions against top GOL officials. In the midst of officially declared corruption, why do the local powers that be wait for the command from the global powers that be? As is said in Nigerian movies, Wonders Shall Never End.

But Wonders Are Coming To An End in Liberia because of the raising of awareness of the people of Liberia. Through this raising of awareness done in the local and global media, the people of Liberia have begun to take actions non-violently through the Rule of Law to stop the system of injustice and bring in the system of Justice. Witness the reversing of the pension provision that was considered by Legislators to be irreversible. Now the hala-hala, turned into the non-violent woo-woo, that has rendered the ireversible reversible.

So, there is convincing evidence to the effect that the Way forward for the Better in Liberia is for the peace loving people of Liberia to work together non-violently through the Rule of Law to change the UNFAIR electoral system to the FAIR electoral system in order for persons with good records to be elected. Only persons with good records, records of helping others rather than helping themslves, can change the UNFAIR system into the FAIR system.

                             LET JUSTICE PREVAIL OVER INJUSTICE!!!