Liberia: Young People in Sinoe County Petition Mr. Tolbert Winston Doe to Replace Rep. Crayton Duncan as Representative


MONROVIA – Citizens and inhabitants of District #1 Sinoe County have petitioned Mr. Tolbert Winston-Doe to contest the position of Representative in the pending 2023 presidential elections. If he accepts that citizens’ petition, he will contest to replace Mr. Crayton Duncan his current boss.

Mr. Winston-Doe’s ambition grew after his boss Mr. Crayton Duncan expressed interest to contest for the Senate seat to replace Senator Milton Teahjay who also has an interest in contesting to retain the position in 2023 presidential and General elections.

The petitioning program was held in Sinoe County over the weekend. The citizens in their petition statement said:

“As it is the inherent right of every citizen with voting right to prepare and present petitions in case of grievance, we, the undersigned, headed by a group of farsighted young people named and styled the citizens and inhabitants of Nitrian and other youths from district communities in District # 1 have seized the opportunity to present to the entire Citizenry of Electoral District #1, Hon.  Tolbert Winston Doe to contest for the Representative Seat of Sinoe District 1, comes 2023 general & Presidential Elections.”

They forwarded several reasons in their petition which among many include; that, the young people of Sinoe County are the stakeholders of the Present & the Future and for far too long in Sinoe politics they have been used as conduits by past and present leaders to achieve self-interests, after which they are turned to mere beggars.

 They also said, the young people of Sinoe County, especially District #1, have experienced a comparatively higher portion of the long-term negative consequences of political short-termism than the older generation.

“For too long now, we have been affected by failed leaderships that often downplayed the interest of the Young People of Sinoe County. We, therefore, see Hon. Tolbert Winston Doe as the Solution to increase the long-term legitimacy of parliaments by improving the inclusion of young and future stakeholders in deliberative institutions.

 “The rate of unemployment among the young people of Sinoe County continues to increase as a result of lack of created opportunities by past and present leaders. Politicians in our beloved county tend to focus not so much on creating opportunities, but on motivating young people who are presented as feckless and even as ‘inadequate citizens.”

They believe, that bringing in more young persons to parliament will increase the likeliness that such misconceptions will be challenged. “We see Tolbert Winston Doe as the leader through whom the young people can break this cycle of generational dysfunction.

 “We want to use Hon. Tolbert Winston Doe to signal to the society and the entire youth wing of Sinoe County, that our contribution must be valued and that we are considered with equal respect. For far too long, the absence or underrepresentation of young people in parliament, on the contrary, have signaled the opposite and have created a social meaning of inability to rule, thereby contributing to an apolitical self-image of young adults, generating a sense that the young are of lower social, or at least political, status, and reinforce the sense that older people are more fit to rule.

The petitioners also said in their statement, that if they are to make a difference in the longer term in the body politics of Sinoe County, it is essential that they as young people and future leaders of the County are engaged in formal political processes and have a say in formulating today’s and tomorrow’s political system.

“For us as young people of Sinoe to be adequately represented in political institutions, processes, and decision-making, and in particular in elections, we must know our rights and be given the necessary knowledge and capacity to participate in a meaningful way at all levels. The entire citizens of Nitrian and other youth of District # 1 Say, now is time, and Hon. Tolbert Winston Doe is the answer.”