Liberia: Women Stage Protest against Continuous Violence on Women


Monrovia – A diverse group of women, some of which staged the ‘Unprotected’ protest some months ago, have gathered directly opposite the Ministry of Foreign Affairs where the President’s office is, holding placards and chanting slogans saying they are “tired of all forms of violence perpetrated against women in Liberia.”

Report by Alline Dunbar, [email protected]

Naomi Sulanke, one of the organizers of the sit-in action told FrontPageAfrica that the protest would be a continuous process aimed at bringing the government’s attention to the alarming situation of violence against women and girls on a daily basis.

“Women need to feel safe, we are tired with the excuses, we are tired with girls been killed and we don’t have no concrete action being taken by our government. Our government is supposed to ensure that all its citizens are secure and women are the soft target in Liberia when it comes to both election and domestic violence,” Naomi said.

She also thinks that the Ministry of Gender and the Liberia National Police and other government agencies and ministries that work directly with those cases are not well equipped with the requisite materials in helping to reduce violence against women.

“We are tired with the excuses that there is no money, we are tired with the excuses that there is no health practitioner there when women are being violated,” she said.

A petition is expected to be presented to President Weah by the women later today.