Liberia: VP Taylor Commends Blue Crest University for Complimenting Education for Government’s Pro-poor Agenda


MONROVIA – Vice President Chief Dr. Jewel Howard-Taylor has commended the Blue Crest University College’s administration for complimenting the government of Liberia’s Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development, education for all component.

Vice President Howard-Taylor said since its establishment in 2015, the Bluecrest University College continues to provide the requisite education intended to build the skills of the youthful population of the country.

Vice President Howard-Taylor explained that technical education in information communication technology remains an integral part of developing the skills of Liberians. She noted that many young people continue to enroll in the institution and the performance index shows that the graduates working towards the development of various sectors of the country. 

Vice President Howard-Taylor was speaking Saturday when dedicated the new campus of the Bluecrest University College in Congo Town, Monrovia. The Liberian Vice President described the facility as a major step forward in expanding access to education. She also hailed the Bluecrest family for the investment and said the government wholeheartedly welcomes expansion of technical education facility in the country for the overall development of the population.

She also encouraged the administration of the Bluecrest University College to begin to partner with various community colleges in the counties as part of its expansion program to enhance quality education in Liberia.

Vice President Howard-Taylor said, by partnering with the various community colleges will not only present Bluecrest across Liberia but will adequately help to prepare the young generation of the country especially in ICT education.

She assured Bluecrest of the government commitment through the National Commission on Higher Education to do all the necessary assessments and technical validation process to ensure they get all the legal frameworks for full-scale operations of their respective programs in the country.

VP Taylor said the necessary basic legal frameworks will not only strengthen the Blue Crest University College to operate all its education programs in Liberia but will set standards of excellence to eliminate negative vices that are hampering the growth process of the education sector.

She indicated that the process of Liberia’s renewal is on and that every development partner of the country will continue to receive the full support President George Weah and his government including the people of Liberia.

Speaking earlier, the President of the Bluecrest University College Dr. Umesh Neelakantan said the inauguration of the new facility marks an authentic day for Bluecrest, adding that the world has progressed, will progress and will remain positive for progress as long as human endeavors are set out for addressing the cause of making people educated. “Geography is history and the Learning portfolio requires to reach every door step of an interest learner and doing so Liberia cannot remain as a spectator any more”.

Dr. Umesh Neelakantan explained that Information Technology has become the benchmark for the world to progress because people require understanding, knowing and absorbing how the world is.  “Few weeks ago, during our personal formal meeting with Her Excellency, we could gauge her keenness in evolving every citizen as a stake holder for this country’s growth and progress. Her inferences matched up with our mission of evolving higher education as the benchmark for a country’s progress. She had no second thought in making her point of confirmation that any contributors who do well for education will be supported by all means. I am sure that Her Excellency valued her words and we have her great presence at this dedication of the new facility of Bluecrest today”. Dr. Umesh Neelakantan stated.

Dr. Neelakantan said the Bluecrest University College comes under the purview of the Eureka Group, with Headquarters in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He explained that the Group’s Chairman, Mr Dev Varyani has an established vision for promoting education as the resourceful contribution for a country’s growth. “Our roots are in Ghana, Sierra Leone, this blessed country and many more destinations are on the anvil. Eureka is an established group impressively positioned and greatly associated for African avenues. Our expression of interests has been in various verticals and our roots are deep in African continent and for great interests ahead. Education is one of the key and established verticals for this group. We have been successful in providing the required orientation for moving ahead on this front”.

The title “Let’s Make Liberia Great” proposed by Bluecrest has been formally approved by the IPR office of this country for the next 50 years. Our plans are many, but it requires an extra impetus from the Government to integrate and support us and to take it forward.

“We have a great mission to reach out to every nook and corner of this country with our evolved understanding of “Research” Rural Innovation, Women Empowerment, Job Factory, Technological Incubations and Learning Hubs” and many more. We have plans to conduct school level fashion competitions, county level fashion competitions, leading to a grand national finale. Apart from this, an international conclave and rural product exhibition is also being planned.

“I am sure that Mr. Jeety has been in this blessed country for more than 34 years. He has seen and faced challenges. His presence here on this day is very valuable, because his services have been deeply acknowledged and recognized. Recently, I was able to watch a small video clip regarding the services he has been rendering for this country, in BBC. This makes us to confirm that Learning doesn’t come through text books alone, but through experience and also through the level of absorbing an aspect to the heart and providing an answer for the same.

“We also have esteemed personalities Johnson Gwaikolo, Dr Walker, Mariamu Fofana who have profound services in the field of education. This country has been blessed with great people. There is definitely a requirement for integrating the services of people from different walks of life and make sure that this country evolves one of the best repositories for a strategic lead ahead.