Liberia: Unity Party Vice Chair for Mobilization Highlights Uncertainty Over Weah One Term Presidency


Monrovia – National Vice Chairman for Membership, Mobilization and Recruitment of the Unity Party (UP), Whroway Bryant is unsure whether the Party would make George M. Weah a one-term President if the disunity continues to exist amongst leaders.

By Jaheim T. Tumu- [email protected]

UP which is the country’s biggest Political Opposition to the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), has been one the major components of making Weah a one-term President.

The Party’s Standard Bearer Joseph Boakai has characterized the Weah- led government for disregard for human rights, massive looting of the State resources, gross disrespect of the Constitution and the lack of accountability to Liberians, thereby declaring his mission to unseat Weah as “rescue mission.”

But speaking in a program marking the launch of the Party’s voters registration awareness, where new cadres were ushered, Bryant said it is frustrating for the National Youth Congress to organize a program that the Standard Bearer and Chairman refused to honor than the National Vice Chair speaking of the possibility of a one term of President Weah.

According to him,  it is not the Party that they know, worked for and have   committed themselves to.

Said Bryant, “To have a one term President, is to mobilize our people to get register and disappointingly that the Chairman of the Party will be absent, and disappointingly the Standard Bearer of the Party will be absent. When we have just brought in new cadres, young people to support the Party. It is disappointing.”

“We cannot run this Party in this form and manner. Let me say this to you, we cannot be bringing on board new young people, energetic people, and there is disunity in leadership.”

“It is bad Mrs. Vice Chair, Mr. Secretary General that the standard bearer will send a proxy on such a very important occasion. It is unacceptable.”

He added. “We cannot move this way and run the Party in this form and manner. I try to register this and I hope it goes deeply that the Party Leaders get to know that the Party cannot be run in this form and manner.”

He, however, warned Party’s Leaders  to not ignore the importance of the National Youth Congress.

“This is a National Youth Congress program. So if you undermine the national youth Congress, you undermined the Unity Party.”