Liberia: SOKS Foundation Provides Scholarship For Students


MONROVIA – Fifteen students of the Kollah Foundation institute on the Robertsfield highways are currently benefiting from a scholarship scheme funded by the Sam O. Siebu (SOKS) Foundation with special preference given to female students who maintain academy excellence.

According to Mr. Siebu, Founder and CEO of the foundation, the 15 students benefiting from the foundation’s scholarship is the beginning of a bigger dream. His dream is to have over two hundred-fifty students benefiting from full waiver scholarship as long as they continue maintain good grades.

In appreciation to Mr. Siebu undertaking, benefitting students of the scholarship drive had an honoring program for him to appreciate him for his efforts to help needed students acquire education.

Besides scholarship, the SOKS foundation is also covering expenses for books for all beneficiaries. In an interview with FrontPageAfrica, he said; “at the moment it is my personal funds but as the foundation grows we will have well-meaning donors who are in the diaspora to support our efforts to provide additional support for more Liberians towards the education and health sectors.”

Mr. Siebu is passionate about helping people get education because of the helped he received from people during his schools days. He sees himself as a true witness to facts that education is the best gift for a child because according to him it is the only thing a child earns no one take from them. 

“My life is a true testimony to that. There were people who helped me though out my education here in Liberia and as a refugee in Ghana and it is only befitting to give back.

“I have tried to be the beacon of hope to these struggling students. We must commend them for mustering the courage to school because in Liberia going to school is a challenge, staying in school is a challenge and I have encourage them to stay the course, Make the best of what they can be. For some of us who have been blessed its incumbent upon us not to turn our backs on our own natives Liberians. You don’t have to be a politician to make a difference.”

He is one of the few Liberians who believe Liberia’s education system is lagging behind and it takes the efforts of every Liberian home and abroad to bring it back to its prewar status.

 “What we could bragged off 20 years ago is not what it is now so is now time that all of including our leaders to help breaching the gap.”

Sam Siebu was born and raised in Liberia. He attended and graduated from St. Patrick high. He also attended the Cuttington University. As a result of the civil war went to Ghana and got his under graduate degree. He currently has two master’s degree, one MBA with emphasis inhuman resource administration and a Master of Science degree with emphasis in healthcare management.

He is a father of three kids, two boys and a girl. He is also the current Vice President human resources officer Vitas Healthcare in Miami, Florid USA.