Liberia: RIA Manager Director Summoned before House Plenary for Labor Related Issues


MONROVIA – The Managing Director of the Liberia Airport Authority has been summoned before the Plenary of the House of Representatives to address himself to the outsourcing of the cargo handling of the airport.

MD John Allen Klayee will also address the inability of the Airport Management to pay employees, amongst other things.

The Airport Manager has been widely criticized for months for bad labor practices resulting to employees not being paid for more than five months.

An official communication was Monday, April 12 sent to the controversial Airport Manager to appear before the Plenary of the House of Representatives tomorrow April 13 to address the claims against him.

Prior to the Easter Break of the Legislature, the Committee on State Enterprise, and Labor had investigated the Airport Management with respect to the above issues, but the committees have resolve to turn the matter over to the full Plenary for onward actions.

Klayee has also been criticized for employing family members and members of his Church, the Jubilee Praise Ministries.