Liberia: Kids Engagement Education Project Receives 2020 National Literacy Award

The award is in recognition of the organization’s sustained support to the sector over the years, particularly promoting literacy

Monrovia – The Ministry of Education has awarded the Kids Engagement Education Project(KEEP) this year’s Literacy Award.

KEEP received the award during the observation of World Literacy Day which was observed virtually on September 8, 2020, with a formal presentation by the  Minister of Education Hon. D. Ansu Sonii today September 14, 2020 at the Ministry of Education.

The award is in recognition of the organization’s sustained support to the sector over the years, particularly promoting literacy.

Among other things, the Ministry noted our 19 Reading Rooms across 9 Counties, storytelling sessions (radio and TV) and the publication of 3 books in the last few months.

Established in 2014 at the height of the deadly Ebola virus pandemic, KEEP’s flagship pillar program trumpets the promotion of a culture of reading children are engaged in a safe pastime that constructively engages their minds beyond their daily routines and often limited exposure.  As participation in KEEP supported reading programs is approved by parents and guardians, this interaction is also used to encourage increased parent involvement in their children’s schoolwork, particularly at the elementary level, ultimately leading to improved learning outcomes

Under this pillar, KEEP has been establishing safe, conducive, child friendly mini-libraries which we call “Reading Rooms”. These rooms are all across the country and contain a wide variety of children’s leisure reading books as well as school books. 

KEEP has established reading clubs, conduct regular reading sessions, teachers training on reading strategies, storytelling and writing.

The organization aim is to to provide various resources and self-empowerment opportunities that would enable a better life especially through increased access to improved education and educational facilities which are community-owned, managed and sustainable.

KEEP has been developing (in partnership with Sunshine Productions) mini awareness videos that target children with simple messages on how to protect themselves, what to avoid, activities to engage in during this schools closure, etc.

In honoring KEEP, the MoE heralded its Founder and Director, Brenda Brewer Moore for receiving support that have yielded results. “Visible results. We are proud of you. We are proud of the work you do. We from the Education Ministry and sector and Government of Liberia appreciate the work you do. We appreciate you and your team for your work in Liberia.”

Mrs. Moore paid homage to the many people across Liberia and the world who continue to believe in the organization’s work and continue to offer support which enables KEEP to reach thousands across the country. 

She also paid homage to the organization’s Board for helping the organization reach its goals. “My dynamic team: Albert Thoudou, Desmond Samuels, Moses Nuwon Buwee, Leona Gono, Catherine Celestial Bliss Lablah, Gloria Yaskey, Owen Kolleh, Annis Kollie, Telisha Ngombu, @Sceedaka Jarka, I say big thank you to the Ministry of Education for this prestigious recognition.”