Liberia: Another EPS Officer Disrobed For Illegally Discharging Weapon At The Renaissance Night Club

File photo: Agent Uel T. Davies

Monrovia – Barely one week following a shooting incident mistakenly by an EPS Agent along the Police Academy Road, the Executive Protection Service has disrobed another agent, Uel T. Davies over a shooting incident at the Renaissance Bar in Duport Road.

EPS through a communication noted that it has disrobed and turned Officer Davies over to the Liberia National Police for investigation.

The shooting incident took place during the night hours of Saturday, July 9, at the Renaissance Bar and Restaurant on Duport Road outside Monrovia.

Police Spokesman Moses Carter noted that Officer Davies has attributed the incident to “mistaken discharged.”

The incident according to the EPS released, has left several people wounded.

“Agent T. Davies has been disrobed with immediate effect and turned over to the Liberia National Police for investigation following his reported involvement in a shooting incident in which some people got wounded,” the release noted.

The incident is the third of its kind in less than two weeks for security personnel to discharge a firearm.

Last week, ERU Officer James Togba also discharged a firearm in Point-Four New Kru Town, killing one person.

Office Togba has been investigated and forwarded to the court and subsequently taken to prison, pending court trial.

Also, Agent Patrick Kollie of the EPS reportedly discharged his assigned forearm mistakenly, while in a tussle with criminals who had attacked him, which has so been charged with murder and is behind bars, pending court’s trial.

Some community members residing in the locality where Agent Kollie reportedly had a scuffle with criminals hinted FrontPageAfrica that the officer had his armed on him and not in his vehicle as indicated in the Liberia National Police Charge Sheet.

The residents who prefer anonymity said, criminal gangs had a skirmish with Agent Kollie that led to him mistakenly discharging one round from his assigned arm.

Meanwhile, the EPS has warned its, officers against acts that run contrary to its Core Manual.