Korea Ambassador Lectures UL on Possible Economy Growth through Education


Fendall – South Korea Ambassador to Liberia, Maj. Gen. Lee In-tae says the economy of Liberia will only witness progress if more investments are made in human resource development.  

“If more people are able to achieve quality education, it means you have high quality of human resource, and if you have high quality of human resource, then there is more chance for the people to contribute to the nation’s growth,” said Ambassador In-tae, while promising his country’s committed to helping Liberia in education and career development programs.

Speaking Thursday, January 23, on the theme “Growing the Liberian Economy through Education, – The Korean Model” at the University of Liberia regular forum – LUX Talk,  the South Korean top diplomat to Liberia noted that human resource can also be transferred to others, which will help provide positive changes for government.

The January 23 edition of LUX-Talk brought together cross sections of students from various colleges of the UL to discuss growth of the Liberian Economy.

On the other hand, he said lack of human resources will create difficulties for the development of industries in the midst of nature resources.

He said the current generation of Liberia must work hard to educate the future generation in order to beef-up the Liberian economy.

Ambassador In-tae stressed the importance for Liberia to invest in university education, noting that it is cardinal in improving the economy.

The Korean Ambassador accredited to Liberia maintained that the World is one community; therefore, Liberia and Korea are neighbors within this community, and must remain cooperative for economy advancement.

He believes one reason his country’s education system is successful is as a result of the realization of cooperation of people, something he said Liberia could take into consideration as well.

According to him, every country has its own potential and cooperating with them through educational exchange program could equally help in promoting education.

At the same time, Ambassador In-tae disclosed that Korea has been helping Liberia through educational advancement, but this was somehow interrupted by the civil crisis. 

However, he said things are being worked out to ensure that such program regains its momentum, announcing that VISA for students and Liberian opting to visit the nation is upon arrival.

This means, Liberians can now go Korea without going through headache of running behind VISA process in Liberia.

“There is currently a global scholarship scheme being run by Korea,” he disclosed, while encouraging Liberians to take advantage the opportunity.