Conscious Independent and Objective Thinkers of Liberia Showered GVL with Praises


Monrovia – The Free Conscious Independent and Objective Thinkers of Liberia has lauded the Management of Golden Veroleum Liberia for its numerals contribution made in southeastern Liberia ranging from the provision housing for its workers, free healthcare delivery, education/support to Schools in its operational areas, infrastructural development to the payment of community development funds (CDF) among other social and economy benefits 

the group said during an assessment to checkmate various concession companies in the country, it has observed that Golden Veroleum Liberia is living up to its obligations and doing very well for its host communities, the assessment is also intended to ascertain and/or verify reports concerning the company’s operations in that part of the country.

“We are pleased to note that Golden Veroleum Liberia in an effort to reduce poverty and provide a long-term prosperity for its employees and residents of its concession areas have put in place a workable welfare system which include: Sustainable Income and Benefits, Housing, Water, Stable Electricity, Medical Care, Life Insurance Policy, Schools for employee’s dependents, that translates into decent lives and Security.”

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility to the community, the Free Conscious Independent and Objective Thinkers of Liberia have established through its assessment that Golden Veroleum Liberia makes annual contributions to land holding communities in the form of a payment to the Community Development Fund (CDF). The Community Development Fund is intended for community based development that has a long and local effect such as infrastructural improvements that benefits the whole community and not a mere segment of the community.

Golden Veroleum Liberia has maintained full compliance with statutory requirements such as the payment of lawful taxes to the government of Liberia and ensuring social security protection for its employees thereby paving the way for a happy life after retirement.

Given the interventions that Golden Veroleum Liberia has made within its concession areas in Southeastern Liberia and considering its impact on the Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development initiated by the government of Liberia, the Board of Directors of the Free Conscious Independent and Objective Thinkers of Liberia have resolved to bestow honors on Golden Veroleum Liberia for its exceptional managerial and administrative practices that drives the company to being an emerging and premier oil palm producer on the African Continent and the World at large in the next few years.