A Victim of Bully: Nairobi Aviation College Confirms Edwina Collins Is A Student of Maritime Management There


MONROVIA – FrontPageAfrica has confirmed from the Nairobi Aviation College that Ms. Edwina Collins is one of their students pursuing a Diploma in Maritime Management – a course examined by the UK’s Institute of Commercial Management.

Ms. Collins’ nomination as Deputy Commissioner of Maritime for International Vessel Registry was recently rejected by the Liberian Senate who cited the lack of qualification despite exuberance.

During the confirmation hearing, Ms. Collins had told the Senate that while on her studies she had obtained hands-on experience as an intern at the Port Authority in Nairobi.

Prior to her rejection, she faced several criticisms on social media when Martin K. N. Kollie who is known on social media for fact-checking the academic credentials of public officials erroneously stated that Ms. Collins presented false credentials about her education at the Nairobi Aviation College. Martin also erroneously stated that the college does not offer any course in Maritime.

Many believe that Martin’s fallacious social media post triggered the Senate’s decision as many Senators cued their questions in line with her academic credentials and out of sentiments. Some expressed their doubts over the Maritime Management course being offered by the Nairobi College of Aviation as expressed in the social media post prior to her confirmation hearing.

However, FrontPageAfrica‘s inquiry with the College confirms that her academic credentials presented to the Senate and her testimony are factual.

The Nairobi Aviation College in response to an inquiry wrote:

RE:  EDWINA COLLINS         ADM NO: NAC/5/362/2021

The above named is a student in this institution pursuing Diploma in Maritime Management an ICM (UK) examined course.  She is yet to complete her course.

Nairobi Aviation College is a Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) College under certificate No. TVC/0120/2018.  We are authorized to carry out training by TVET body.

 Any assistance accorded to her will be highly appreciated.

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,



 In their midst for gender equity, many have wondered why only two female Senators also voted against the confirmation of Ms. Collins.

Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence failed to provide reasons for her against vote when contacted for comments.

Meanwhile, the Liberian Women Mass Action for Peace under the banner of WIPNET has written the Liberian Senate citing reasons for which their decisions must be reconsidered.

The women’s group cited the following reasons:

Madam Edwina Collins has attained the requisite qualification through higher education and her ascendency would be a driving factor to further motivate enterprising young women to push for quality education, believing it is the surest way to success.

Madam Collins is prepared and has the good morals to do well on the job. Denying her in such a humiliating fashion could kill her dreams and cause trauma and other health condition for not just her but other emerging young females who are in pursuit of higher learning

Giving her the chance will help build the courage of other females, thus enhancing their participation in key national endeavors and issues even when humiliated. This will add weight to the much talk about 40 percent of women’s political participation. UN resolution 1325

By confirming her it will go a long way in disabusing the mindset of people in our society who believe people are given positions/jobs because of interest rather than qualification.

Edwina Collins is Intelligent, refined, eloquent responsible, and respectful with an impeccable character.

We believe her educational background proves that she is the right person and a Liberian woman who will serve as a role model for young women to follow her good examples and build the image of young people from age through this generational change for a better Liberia.

They further called on the Senate to give Ms. Collins the chance to prove herself on the job.

The women’s group communication was signed by Roseline K. Toweh, the chairperson of the Liberian Women Mass Action for Peace.

Meanwhile, research by FrontPageAfrica on the role of the Deputy Commissioner of Maritime for Vessel International Registry shows that the post is a diplomatic post with offices based in the United States.

What the Post Entails?

The Framework which established the Liberian Maritime and Corporate Registry in 1948 created the agency arrangement through which a Private American company would act on behalf of the Republic of Liberia through the Maritime Program (Registry), in a limited capacity.

The 1960s saw an enormous increase in activities at the Registry and the cost of forwarding documents to Monrovia for governmental processing became not only costly but burdensome and time-consuming. As a result, the Registry was fast becoming inefficient in providing services to its clients.

The problem was further exacerbated by the legal caveat that core governmental/State functions could not be delegated to private company to conduct those functions in another country. The company, which acts as Liberia Agent in the limited areas of marketing and technical functions of the Program does not the authority to act in the capacity of the State, to for example issued and endorse the various and technical certificates that Liberia must issue under International Law.

It became an exigence on Liberia to have Liberian government officials, acting in diplomatic capacity as designated representatives of the state, stationed at the Program’s offices in the United States of

America to execute the necessary State functions of the Program. Consequently, since the Mid 1960’s, several Deputy Commissioners, including a Deputy Commissioner for Registration have been appointed and attached to the Program offices in Virginia, USA or Liberia’s Diplomatic Missions in the United States of America.

The function of the Deputy Commissioner for Registration is critical to the execution of Liberia’s responsibility as a Nation-State, especially with respect to executing and endorsing various registration and technical certificates. The Deputy Commissioner for Registration is a position that already exists and is attached to the Liberian Consulate in New York. This Deputy Commissioner’s core function is to oversee the registration of vessels and conduct all of the Governmental/State functions for and on behalf of the Government of Liberia.

The Deputy Commissioner reviews and signs off on all certificates and registration documents of vessel as well as ensures that mortgage documents are completed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Liberia and relevant international laws and conventions.

All Vessel Registration activities are conducted at the Registry office in New York.