Liberia: Women Political Participation Highlighted at the 20th Kukatornon Peace Festival


Monrovia – Women at the 20th Edition of the Kukatornon Peace Festival have called for the increment of women’s political participation in the Mano River Union region.

The Kukatornon Peace Festival lasted for two days and was held at the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Ministerial Complex in Congo Town. The event that was organized by the Liberia Crusaders for Peace brought women from Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Ivory Coast to join their Liberian counterpart in celebrating 19 years of uninterrupted peace in LIberia.

Speaking at the event, the Vice President of Liberia Madam Jewel Howard Taylor says despite the 19 years of stable peace, the issue of women’s inclusion within the political space in Liberia must not be overlooked.

“After the 2023 election, we hope that more women will be on the table in the political space. We have to talk to our sons, our daughters, our husbands, and our relatives about what we want,” Madam Taylor said.

The Vice President added: “We can’t stay away and say that’s the people thing –that our thing, that is the future of our children, it for our family, so we got to be strong.”

Vice President Taylor further praised ECOWAS member states and other International Organizations for their contributions toward the Liberia peace and rebuilding process.

“To our international partner, you have been critical over these years. You have given us those things that brought peace to us,” Madam Taylor said.

Vice President Taylor also praised civil society and religious leaders for the important role they play in society.

“Some of them are nowhere to be found but we want to thank them for the peace.

Also speaking, UN Women Liberia Deputy Country Director Pamela Mkwamba said women suffer the most during the crisis and as such, their involvement in political activities will signify lasting peace not only in Liberia but in the Mano River basin.

“I’m so touched to look at these beautiful women. Peace is so important, without peace we can’t have development. Women suffer the most during crises. They can watch their children being child soldiers and their girls being raped.” UN Women Deputy Country Director

Madam Mkwamba added: “If Liberia must remain, peaceful women, need to be involved in leadership. Women’s participation in politics needs to be addressed. If this country should be peaceful, women’s participation in politics should be taken seriously. The women stopped the war in Liberia, they said enough is enough. So, in order for peace to rain in our Manor River Basin, the women need to be involved in political leadership.“

Adding up, Liberia Culture Ambassador Julie Endee after giving a brief history of the Kukotornon Peace Festival praised women from the Minor River Countries especially the women who came from Sierra Leone for maintaining peace in their respective countries.

“Women from the Minor River Basin here today, I say thank you for coming. Every year the women of the region celebrate the Kukatornon Peace Festival. Peace is every day, peace is not what you wish for, it is what you do, together as women of this region, let’s maintain the peace,” Madam Endee said.