“LIBERIA Is NOT SICK”: “Kofi Woods Assertion is Deceptive,” Says Deputy Minister Jarlawah A. Tonpo as a Response to Kofi Woods


MONROVIA – Let me address the assertion made by Kofi Woods this week that was published by some local dailies when he said in his words “Liberia is Sick and needs resuscitation”.

By Jarlawah A. Tonpo, Deputy Minister of Information for Public Affairs 

This is one of the deceptive assertions that all Liberians need to understand how politically desperate, and wicked in their hearts how some politicians are to this country.

Today, and since then, when Kofi Woods insulated all of us in this country- Liberia that some of them carried backward years ago, no religious leaders, civil society, activists, or any group has checkmated him. But everyone outside of Government thinks that he hits hard on Government, no it is not the government alone, he is referring to all of us, and am challenging the religious leaders, civil society, and intellectuals to stand tall above their shoulders to address Kofi Woods. 

I like to inform Kofi Woods and let the message go forth, that His assertion against the country, is a blatant falsehood, propaganda, that got no iota of truth, far from the reality, and it is only intended to expose him to the Liberian people, the manner and form in which he has from time to time sought donors’ funding for his institution and his own wellbeing. 

Today, Kofi Woods is telling the world that Liberia is Sick in other words Liberians are sick and need resuscitation? No, the Country is not sick, Liberians are not sick. What is the legacy of Kofi Woods when he served first as Labor Minister and later as Public Works Minister for 5 and 4 years respectively? What were the reforms instituted by him, when under his watch as Labour Minister we witnessed the decline of the Labor sector of our Country when he could not institute measures for human trafficking? Today, the story has changed under the watch of President Weah and thanks to Cllr. Charles Gibson and his Team at the Labor Ministry for a good job, of making sure that the government’s agenda is being handled and executed for the good of the country. 

At the Ministry of Public Works where he last served, what did he do there? there was no sense of direction. Today, see the massive projects that are ongoing by this Govt.  Today, just in five years of this Government, the focus of the Public Works Ministry is seen and useful. The tangibles are seen all around here. And I have always said this, yes, the country has come a long way confronting the issue of the road network, no excuse for that, there are challenges along the way as well, but this Government under the watchful eyes of a trusted and truthful son of the Soil, President Weah is exerting every effort, making sure that roads are connected.

Yes, in the case of road construction, all is not Bread and Butter especially so when we have only 6 months in a year as a result of the rain to do what is being done. 

No Kofi Woods, Liberia is not sick, and I want every Liberian to tell him in his face that Liberia is not sick.

No Kofi Woods, Liberia is not sick, if Liberia was sick the massive support from the World Bank would never have been the way it is today. 

Just on Tuesday, May 31, 2022-The Government of Liberia represented by the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning, and the World Bank signed a 40 million dollar project known as the Liberia Urban Resilience Project (LURP). How can a sick country as you blindly classified us received such funding and previous support?

The bank resources are performing immensely in Liberia:  Education, Roads Infrastructure, Youth Empowerment, and Agriculture sectors are major development the bank continues to support in Liberia.

The true color of Kofi Woods has come up and it must be exposed.