Liberia: Covid-Related Deaths Hit Cuttington University


Suakoko, Bong County – Two senior staff of Cuttington University who died within four days was the result of Covid-19-like symptoms, sources inside the Bong County Health Team have told FrontPageAfrica.

Our sources said the two Cuttington University staff died after battling the virus for more than two weeks respectively. 

Our source said plans were underway for the Bong County Health Team to conduct contact tracing to determine which students or faculty might have been exposed to the two-senior staff prior to their deaths.

One source told FrontPageAfrica that the Bong County Health Team is lso contemplating recommending the closure of the university until those believed to have come in contact with the two Cuttington University staff are isolated.

Several attempts by our reporter to contact the university’s president Dr. Romelle Horton proved fruitless as her phone rang endlessly.

The alarming deaths of two senior staff of the university have sent shockwaves among students and parents. One student told FrontPageAfrica: “For the past one week, we have lost two senior staff. As we come to terms with their loss there is sense of fear and relentless.”

One lecturer described the situation on campus as “very disturbing” at a very crucial time of the semester.

“We are facing a herculean task in making the students wear face masks and use sanitizers, besides observing physical distance. The moment when we felt some relief, the virus is once again bothering us. Our concern is that several students continue to come to the schools without masks. Also, we are not sure whether the students who wear masks in class are following precautions after leaving the premises,” he said.

“The deaths of our senior staff have reduced attendance on campus. Students are afraid to come on campus.”

There are also concerns among students if the two senior staff got infected on campus. One lecturer told our reporter: “No one has told me officially that they had COVID, but I do know one of them was self-quarantining this week,” the lecturer said. 

“Last week would’ve been the last contact he had with any students. I’m not exactly sure what symptoms he had, but he wasn’t around students or lecturers prior to their death.”