Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission to Investigate All Elections Commission Commissioners


MONROVIA – The entire board of commissioners of the National Elections Commission has been subjected to investigation by the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) following report that the Commission spent US$182,000 to rent 20 facial recognition thermometers for the by-elections in four counties.

“The Commission does not act on perception, the Commission does not act on the Commission does not act on heresy evidence, the Commission does not act on presumption, the Commission acts on the doctrine of best evidence. So, what we’ve done, based on the pieces of evidence we have in our possession based on the evidence, the Commission will investigate,” LACC Chairman, Cllr. Edward Martin told VOA Daybreak Africa on Friday.

According to reports, the thermometers were intended to detect temperature of voters during the November 16 by-elections in Bomi, Nimba, Bong and Grand Gedeh Counties.

One of the facial detection thermometers at the headquarters of the National Election Commission

It is being rented from Tuma Enterprise and expected to perform non-contact automatic body temperature detection, brush human face, and perform high-precision infrared human temperature acquisition, and high effect.

According to reports, the NEC rented each of the equipment for US$9,166 though a single piece cost not more than US$1,500.

According to the LACC, The Executive Chairperson as saying the LACC was deeply concern about the reports and it is determined to understanding all elements of the transaction.

At the same time, the NEC has been accused of secretly outsourcing the contract to Tuma Enterprise, a company with an alleged “link to Floyd Sayor,” a Commissioner at NEC, without a bidding process.

A proforma invoice, dated September 9, 2021, shows a breakdown of costs for all the equipment and accompanying services for setup and installation, totalling 182,320 for 20 units of the equipment.

The Daily Observer reported this week that the proforma invoice details include “customizable COVID-19 preventive measures, contactless temperature check with accuracy within 0.5 degrees and facial detection indicating mask-wearing,” among others.