‘Continuous Mistakes from Regime to Regime Stalling Liberia’s Development’ – Leymah Gbowee Says


MONROVIA – Liberia’s 172nd Independence Day celebration national orator, Madam Leymah Gbowee, says Liberia’s progress and development continue to be retarded because too many mistakes continue to occur from regime to regime.

The Nobel Peace Laureate said leaders of the country have often played a “don’t care attitude” towards progress. “They ignore every aspects of development,” she said.

She lamented that officials of government are often vindictive and carriers of hate messages.

Madam Gbowee noted that the development agenda of the government is well written on paper but is poorly implemented in most cases.

She decried the appointment of incompetent individuals to public offices which is often based on partisanship. This, she said, is a major impediment to the country’s development.

Madam Gbowee lashed at members of the opposition bloc, noting that they claim to know all the solutions to Liberia’s problem, yet they form a major part of the problem.

According to her, the opposition bloc often failed to cooperate with the government for the common good of all Liberians.

Madam Gbowee also put Pres. Weah under the spotlight for having only two women in cabinet minister position, despite declaring himself as the chief feminist in the country.

She noted that women have played important roles in the country beginning from the birth of the Republic. She urged the President to promote gender equality.

The Nobel Peace Laureate further admonished President Weah to be realistic in his fight against corruption. She cautioned that corruption cannot be fought on paper.

She called on political actors and public servants to exercise their functions on the foundation of truth and not falsehood as has been the norm.

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