The Politics Of ‘Bread And Butter’ And ‘Survival Of The Fittest Which Is Seemingly Being Practiced In Liberia, Must Be Jettisoned


WITH THE 2023 general and presidential elections fast approaching in Liberia, the opposition community is being ravaged by a wave of defections by some of its ‘powerful politicians’ to the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).

ON SATURDAY, June 18, during the celebrations marking the 17th anniversary of the Congress of Democratic Change (CDC), a member of the three-party alliance, the Coalition for Democratic Change, the stage was set for the new wave of cross-carpeting when Grand Cape Mount County senator Simeon Taylor, in a rather surprise move, dumped the Alternative National Congress (ANC) of presidential hopeful Alexander Cummings and pitched his tent with the CDC.

MARYLAND COUNTY District One and Unity Party lawmaker P. Mark Jurry and Grand Cape Mount County District Two and Liberty Party lawmaker Mambu Sonii also formally broke ranks with their respective parties. Rep.  Johnson Gwaigolo of Nimba’s ninth district and Sen. Gblebo Brown (Independent) of Maryland County were among those lawmakers who joined the CDC.

“It has been a great honor to contribute to nation-building efforts through our party. Unfortunately, recent developments within our party make it practically impossible to continue participating and making such constructive contributions. I wish to thank you personally for your graciousness and leadership. I wish you well and best of luck in the service of country,” Rep. Sonii said.

FOR REP. JURRY, who announced his decision to join the CDC on Friday evening, said: “I have chosen a route that I consider to be in line with our aspirations and my mantra of taking the country from consumption to production; and that is the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) which is synonymous with the people, workers, development, and uniting Liberians as one family.”

WHILE REPS. Jurry and Sonii penned a few words to their political parties in acknowledgment of their years spent, Sen. Taylor, FrontPageAfrica has gathered, didn’t even resign from the ANC or place a phone call to any executive to announce his departure.

SEN. TAYLOR’S defection to the CDC has taken many aback, particularly the form and manner in which he bashed President George Weah during the 2020 senatorial elections for “his failure to bring back the dividends of democracy to Liberians” since he was elected 2018.

AS A MATTER OF TRUTH, Sen. Taylor is a beneficiary of the agitations that trailed former Grand Cape Mount County senator Victor Watson’s defection to the CDC two months after he had won as senator in a by-election in which (he) Sen. Taylor first contested.

SEN. TAYLOR CRITICIZED his predecessor of “having made a serious mistake” by joining ranks with a party he says was “taking the country backwards”.

SEN. TAYLOR, what has now changed in the space of two years? Has everything now changed in Liberia? Has President Weah brought back the dividends of democracy to Liberians?

IT WOULD BE FOOLHARDY for one to believe that Sen. Taylor joined the CDC based on his “dreams and aspirations” as he claims amid speculations that each of the five lawmakers received a whopping amount of US$30,000.00 for defecting.

FRONTPAGEAFRICA has gathered that controversial Monsterrado County District 10 lawmaker and a strong critic of President Weah, Yekeh Kolubah, reportedly rejected US$ 75,000.00 to join the CDC.

WHAT WE HAVE seen so far in the Liberian political landscape are betrayals, dishonesty, inconsistency, disregard for ethics, morals, and good conscience.

IN EARNEST, no political party is spared from this practice. What seems to be paramount and the driving force behind their scheming and permutations are their personal interest and what they stand to gain from politics and neither the desire to serve the nation nor to strengthen the democratic rule.

UNDER THE PRESENT democratic experience, prominent politicians have cross-carpeted on the excuse of imposition of candidates, absence of free and fair primaries, lack of internal democracy, and money-politicking.

HENCE, it is time we do away with moneybags and corrupt politicians in place of young, patriotic, purposeful, and selfless leaders at all levels of governance in Liberia.

DEFECTION IMPEDES development as defectors merely negotiate access to power and state resources mainly for parochial purposes. It brings forth retrogression and multiplies setbacks in a nascent democracy and spurs distrust in the minds of voters.

VIBRANT DEMOCRACY requires active, objective and fearless opposition to keep the government in power on its toes and constantly under check for better performance.

THE POLITICS of ‘bread and butter’ and ‘survival of the fittest’, which is seemingly being practiced in the country, must be jettisoned.

POLITICS IN LIBERIA, for now, portends backwardness and is not too good an omen for national development, and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see many key opposition figures like Sen. Taylor, Jurry, and Sonii joining the CDC as the election approaches…