Angola Aims to Grow Tourism Sector At the World Tourism Forum


ANGOLA – Angola is preparing to host the World Tourism Forum from May 23 to 25, and before that, the country will on May 18, host the Presidential Golf Day (PGD), becoming the second African country to host the event. 

Both activities are considered relevant, for what are the expectations of the Angolan Government considers as the first step to the awakening interest of potential investors.

The World Tourism Forum is a global organization holding tourism events in different parts of the world to further boost global tourism. 

It pays particular attention to the relationship between local and global tourism trends as well as strategies for more sustainable tourism growth. 

The Forum encourages the allocation of resources to a shared tourism vision. The young platform has been flourishing rapidly and already functions as a trendsetter in the industry.

Regarding the organization, “We believe that the tourism industry’s challenges can be solved only through the engagement of all the stakeholders. We focus on long-term global tourism solutions. We work day and night to move the tourism industry forward”.

About Angola Sector

Experts argue that the tourism sector in Angola has faced several difficulties, attracting more investment and establishing policies that can attract credible partnerships are part of today’s needs.

But, the government is working in ways to eliminate all barriers and obstacles that inhibit tourists and investors from visiting the country.