US-Based Charity Supports Rural Community In River Cess County


Rivercess County –  A non-governmental organization based in the United States of America has begun providing support for several underprivileged communities in Rivercess County.

Report by Elton T. Tiah, Contributor

Abehinnyuen Community of Hope (ACOH) is constructing schools and health centers to benefit these rural communities, the CEO of the charity said on Wednesday.

Solomon Baka Reeves, the CEO of ACOH, told FrontPageAfrica that a 10-room school building is under construction. 

“We envisage the completion of additional rooms in the soonest possible time as the demand of our programs gets bigger,” said Mr. Reeves, who spoke via cellphone from the United States.

He added that his organization has over the years introduced several educational programs, one of which is the basic student nursing program. 

“The students have been trained after school hours at the health facility in Goezohn, Rivercess County,” he said.

Reeves said his organization has been working with staffs of the Goezohn community clinic to ensure that basic student nursing programs become a reality.

He said Abhinnyuen, which means “We Can Do It” in the Bassa language, has also established an adult literacy program. 

The adult literacy program and the regular school have enrolled over 180 students, he disclosed.

“Due to the collaboration between the clinic staffs and us we decided to construct the clinics’ damage septic tank, [and] because we want to see our country moving forward; ACOH also through Oxfam Liberia has ensured the construction of hand pumps, latrines, and hand wash facility for the schools,” he said.

The charity has also provided seeds for local farmers and recently covered the medical cost for a surgery at the ELWA Hospital for a woman who had breast cancer.

At the same time, Mr. Reeves mentioned that every Liberian in the diaspora needs to look back and help Liberia.

“If every Liberia out can join ACOH to give back to our country, Liberia will make a difference,” he said, adding that his organization intends to continue its intervention in several rural communities in the county.