Liberia: Rep. Clarence Gahr Dedicates and Turns over Two School Buildings to Ministry of Education in Margibi County


Gibi District, Margibi County – Margibi County District# 5 Representative Clarence G. Gahr has dedicated and turned over to the Ministry of Education (MoE) two primary schools in Gibi District and Borlola Township.

The school buildings (Kollie-Dede and Galila Elementary Schools) contain six-classroom compartments each including an office.

The newly dedicated schools with construction costs placed at US$80,000 are evolving projects that were captured by the citizens for implementation at their County Sitting in December 2019. This amount is the district’s share of the US$750,000 China Union Social Development Fund debts received from China Union by the Margibi County Authority.

Giving overview of the project at the dedication of the Kollie-Dede Town Primary School in Gbarfen Clan in Gibi District on Monday, December 28, the Chairman of the Project Management Committee (PMC) of Margibi, Thompson N. Nana, said the project was a China Union Social Development fund initiative triggered by the citizens’ request and agreement through a resolution.

Mr. Nana, however, implored the citizens of the town to take ownership of the project by ensuring that the facility is properly managed, maintained and protected.

For his part, Margibi County Education Officer (CEO), Stephen Toe, speaking at the separate dedicatory ceremonies, noted that for a youthful Lawmaker to collaborate with the County Administration to construct modern primary schools in rural communities was unprecedented in the history of the 36-year-old county (Margibi).

Mr. Toe termed the newly constructed schools as tangible initiatives that could immensely contribute in accelerating the human resource development drive of the country.

“It is a shock to see the handing over of two school buildings in one day to the Ministry of Education to the communities for their children. We are impressed because when the people request you and you do it; it means you are a people-center leader”, Mr. Toe asserted.

He, however, praised Rep. Gahr and the Margibi County Administration for ensuring that the County social development fund is fully utilized for the benefit of the citizens.

The Margibi’s CEO promised to work with the District Education Officer in assigning qualified teachers at the schools in order to provide quality learning and supervision for the kids.

Also speaking, Francis Karpu, Sr., Margibi County Assistant Superintendent for Development, recalled that as the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) campaigned on the mantra of giving power back to the people, it is base on such that the Margibi County Administration is implementing projects on citizens’ request.

Karpu: “We are committed to doing those things that we said we could do; we said we would listen to the people for the people to decide on want they want and we are listening to you”.

The Margibi County Assistant Superintendent for Development boasted that he was proud that current County Administration has been able to utilize its meager resources to provide quality and tangible projects for the people of the County.

For his part, Rep. Clarence G. Gahr said that his quest to provide quality learning environment for children of his district is being driven by his belief that is the responsibility of today’s leaders to prepare the future generation.

“It is burden upon us [leaders] to ensure that we prepare the playing field for the next generation to be adequately prepared to take over this country”, Rep. Gahr stated.

Rep. Gahr maintained that as they (leaders) have set the stage leading to the children achieving their full potential; it was now the responsibility of parents to ensure that their children enrolled and remained in school.

Rep. Gahr, however, reiterated his continuous commitment in fostering the development needs of the district, promising to provide furniture, including chairs and blackboards, to the schools ahead of the resumption of the new academic year.