Liberia: Philanthropic Group Identifies with Students in Rural Bomi

KJ Family Foundation Acting Executive Director, Kenneth Nyanford (R), doing a symbolic presentation of the donated education materials

MONROVIA — With the growing economic hardship besieging the greater mass of the Liberian society, especially so with many parents struggling to provide educational needs of their children, a philanthropic group under the banner of K&J Family Foundation has embarked on a humanitarian initiative to rural Bomi.

As part of its outreach activities, the Foundation on Tuesday, May 10, 2022 provided some educational materials to two schools in Sass Town, barely 25 minutes’ drive away from the county’s capital, Tubmanburg.

Speaking during the distribution of the educational materials at the Rev. Ernest Mark Memorial Baptist School and the Sass Town Public Elementary and Junior High School, the Acting Executive Director of the organization, Mr. Kenneth Nyanford, stated that the major goal of the group is to create an environment for equal opportunity irrespective of one’s financial status.

According to him, the Foundation started last year after its CEO Mr. Andrew Joploh’s second visit to Liberia, who saw the desperate to provide help for the population in need.

“Our CEO saw how society has turned against some of us that cannot afford adequate educational resources for school, mostly our kids in the rural part of Liberia. This Our CEO has seen the need to help because his childhood days in Liberia especially during the heat of the civil crisis (14 years civil crisis) was never an easy task,” he explained.

“Our vision at K&J Family Foundation is to create a world where everyone achieves their full potential, and our mission is to thrive by inspiring and involving people to become change makers and leaders, while advancing their mental, physical, spiritual and social well-being,” he furthered.

In a bid to extend support to the impoverished society, ED Nyanford noted that the Foundation works in, but not limited to four key areas, namely; fostering accessible, affordable and quality education for all, to use sports as a vehicle for social change, nurture entrepreneurship and empower ideas for job creation and engage in sustainable development initiatives,” stated the KJ boss.

“Our Thematic areas include but not limited to education, sports, entrepreneurship and sustainable development,” he added.

Madam Franzetta Nyanford, a member of the organization, urged the students to take their education very seriously so as to become successful people for the future.

She indicated that there can be no better society without education, adding that the younger generation must devote more times to education so as to make Liberia a better society for tomorrow.

In response, the Principals of the two schools lauded the K&FJ Foundation for its kind gesture, and pledged that the donated items will be used for the intended purpose.

“Let me thank you so much for the intervention.  We are also interested in sports and therefore need support in that area as well. We will like to see more and more of this kind of initiative,” noted Mr. James Watkins, Principal of the Rev. Ernest Mark Memorial Baptist School.

“I am so overwhelmed with your kind gesture. We are grateful and will forever remain grateful to you. We pray for these kinds of support for our schools because we in rural Liberia don’t get the kinds of opportunities that people in the city get. I can promise you that these things will be used for the purpose intended for,” lauded Madam Juliet T. Kolleh of the Sass Town Public Junior High School.