Liberia: 40-Year-old Filipino Arrested for Alleged Rape in Nimba


Ganta – Police In Ganta have arrested and charged a 40-year-old Filipino national for rape, sexual harassment and offensive touching.

Suspect Michael Laraya, 38, was charged Wednesday, February 3 after reportedly attempting to sodomize a 20-year-old motorcyclist at the Angel Hill Top Guest House in the Guinea Road community in Ganta.

But Laraya, however, denied the charges and told police that gay practice is common in the Philippines. “In my country, men can make love to each other and men can also make love to women as well, so, I saw Liberia like my country,” he said.

The motorcyclist said he was lured to the guest house after Laraya promised to buy him a new motorbike. “He saw me washing my bike at the waterside and told me to follow him to the guest house and that he was going to buy me a new motorbike,” he said.

The management of the guest house confirmed during the police investigation that Laraya had been spending time at the guest house since Monday, February, but signed in twice with different names and nationalities. “The man in question booked a room here at the guest house at about 11am on Monday, February 1 and signed in with different names, different addresses and different phone numbers,” the management of the guest house told police investigation.

Police also said Laraya gave conflicting details surrounding his addresses during the preliminary investigation. “During our investigation with Laraya he told us he lives ELWA junction in Monrovia and seconds later he told us he lives another place in Monrovia,” police said.