Police, Margibi County Urge Liberians to Comport Themselves During Elections


Kakata, Margibi County – Margibi County superintendent John Buway has called for peaceful and orderly conduct in the upcoming presidential and legislative elections slated for October 10 this year.

Report by Selma Lomax, [email protected]

The Superintendent urges all political parties, their candidates, other stakeholders and the people of Liberia to ensure that the polls are conducted without rigging, violence and intimidation of opponents and electoral officials.

Superintendent Buway reminds politicians and their supporters in Liberia, especially in Margibi County, to put the higher interest of the people of the country and county in mind, as they go to the polls on October 10.

“Above all, we are all Liberians. The election is just for two months. We must always know that Liberia is bigger than all the political parties we will be campaigning for,” he added.

Continuing, he said: “The October 10, 2017 elections should not be seen as a do-or-die affair to the extent that people will be killed, maimed and property destroyed in a mindless display of crude primitive instincts. Innocent blood should never be sacrificed on the altar of political contest for temporary power,” the superintendent warned.

While calling on security and law enforcement agencies to exhibit professionalism and non-partisanship in the discharge of their constitutional duties even in the face of extreme provocations, Superintendent Buway directed them to deal decisively with trouble-makers and those bent on violating the sanctity of the electoral process.

He also enjoined the National Elections Commissions (NEC) to do all within its powers to give transparency and fairness to the electoral exercise in Liberia.

The superintendent restates the commitment of the people of Margibi County to deepening democracy in the country by enthroning a legacy of respect for the wishes of the people through free, fair and credible elections devoid of intimidation and violence throughout the country.

Superintendent Buway spoke Thursday, August 4, 2017 during a daylong stakeholders meeting with political parties, the National Elections Commission Margibi County office, police, immigration, and civil society organizations.

Police in Margibi calls for peaceful campaigns

Meanwhile, the chief superintendent of police in Margibi County, William W. Johnson, used the occasion to warn candidates and their supporters to conduct peaceful and orderly campaigns for the next two months in the county.

Johnson added: “Voters should be free to choose candidates on their own without intimidation.”

Johnson said he has been issuing strong warnings to the candidates and their supporters to campaign on their party’s policies and not personally attack or criticize their rivals.”There are better ways of marketing your candidates than insulting. Please avoid insults during the campaign because we are all Liberians. After the elections we will still live here as we have been doing in the past,” he added.

Johnson said such can lead to confrontations among supporters of the different candidates and disruption of the election process.

He also warned them when campaigning on moving vehicles, they must not be overloaded, and supporters must not be standing up and hanging onto vehicles.

He added that police will not hesitate to arrest any offenders as this is an offence under traffic laws, and police will not hesitate to carry out their duties.

According to him, he has directed his officers to patrol and closely monitor the campaigns.

So far, campaigns have been peaceful and without much problem, and he thanked the candidates, supporters and the general public for their mutual understanding and co-operation.

Johnson said he wanted to see a free, fair and safe democratic election in Liberia.