Pres. Weah, Do Not Forget West Pointers


WHEN DOWNTRODDEN and former residents of West Point affected by the sea encroachment, their spirit rejuvenated and were hopeful of yet another relief from President, George Manneh Weah, a man who rose from the slum to stardom. Alas, he didn’t show up. Disappointed, neglected and devastated they felt.

PRESIDENT WEAH was expected in country’s biggest slum ravaged by the sea last Wednesday. The purpose of his visit was to launch the coastal defense project that will protect what is now left of the peninsula that has been gradually going under water – the Atlantic Ocean.

THIS PROJECT which is expected to begin by November 2022 is dear to the hearts of many residents and former residents of West Point. For most of those residents, their years of memories now lie below the ocean and remnants of what’s left is what they seek protection for from the ocean. However, more importantly to these residents, a little compensation from the government to help them resettle or start up life again.

THERE HAS been commitments and instructions passed on for compensation of the victims of the West Point wreckage.

WHILE THE COMMISSIONER at West Point insist that all registered victim of the sea erosion has been fully compensated, the victims strongly argue that.

“THAT’S A LIE! There are many of us, especially women, that have not even been paid a cup of rice,” Mary C. Wea, No. 36 on the list of victims counter argues the Commissioner’s claim.

“They talk and talk and talk, but nobody thinks of the victims. If they came here and saw how people live they would feel sorry. There are many who have nothing, there are 48 children without education because the parents can’t afford the school fees and you have to see them on the streets!”, interrupts Abraham V. Conneh, Co-Chair for Operation of Disaster Victims Association Inc.

THE DAY ENDS AT WEST Point and the sun goes down everyday, Mama Swakay will sleep with her ten grandchildren in a shop they borrow her for the night. Hawa Kromah will go to the mosque with her nine children and four grandchildren. Christina Dapay will walk to the church with her three sets of twins. Theresa Partie will lie down on the porch facilitated by a friend not to get wet from the rain.

THIS IS WHY THE ABSENCE of President Weah in West Point hurts them so much. This is why they feel so much neglected, especially by one of their own. This is why we urge President Weah to look back in the years, look at the records at the National Elections Commission and see what West Point did for him. These citizens are experiencing some of the worst living conditions, especially in the capital. President Weah must shift his attention to West Point and ensure that whoever that is responsible to ensure these mothers, grandmothers who have no choice but to spread their lappas on the floors of shops, school buildings, churches for they and their grandchildren are duly compensated.