Liberia Removed From The U.S. Coast Guard Advisory List Of Nations That Do Not Maintain “Effective Anti-Terrorism Measures”


MONROVIA — The Liberian government has thanked its United States counterpart for the recent removal of the Liberia from the US Coast Guard Advisory List of nations that do not maintain “effective anti-terrorism measures”.

“The Republic of Liberia is removed from the list of the Countries Affected in paragraph B of this Port Security Advisory. Therefore, effective immediately, actions required in paragraphs C and D of this Port Security Advisory are no longer required for vessels that arrive in the United States after visiting ports in the Republic of Liberia,” – U.S. Coast Guard Port Security Advisory (2-20) stated

The decision now paves the way for vessels arriving from Liberia to no longer be designated for special security measures and checks. 

The Commissioner of the Liberia Maritime Authority (LiMA) Lenn Eugene Nagbe  lauded the Americans during a visit to the LiMA headquarters on Monday, March 1, 2021 by U.S Ambassador to Liberia H.E. Michael McCarthy.

 Commissioner Nagbe emphasized the commitment of the Liberian government to remain compliant with stipulated U.S. counterterrorism measures and other international protocols governing maritime security.

He underscored the strong traditional ties that Liberia has with the United States, while appraising the Ambassador of the tangible steps the government is taking to ensure Liberian ports are safe for all users.

 The Commissioner acknowledged that considering Liberian-flagged vessels constitute 20% of those supplying the commercial needs of the United States, the need for both nations to collaborate remains paramount.

His call mirrors a similar appeal he made during a recent kidnapping situation in the Gulf of Guinea, one of the most dangerous sea routes in the world, when a vessel flying the Liberian flag was overtaken by pirates. At the time he sought to rally international support and the cooperation of the major maritime actors for fight the growing menace. 

Liberia, he said, as a “leading maritime state will work closely with our regional and international allies to find a lasting solution”.  Nagbe emphasized the need to take greater action in order to face the threat in a “practical and efficient” manner.

During the visit, Ambassador McCarthy thanked the Liberian government for helping fight terrorism and sanctions violation.  He urged the authorities to continue to take positive steps that would ensure they are complaint with local and international sanctions.

With Liberia no longer on the U.S. list of restricted countries, all vessels arriving in the United States that visited Liberia during their last five port calls will no longer be required to take measures such as Implementing a Ship security equivalent to Security Level 2 of ISPS or Ensuring that each access point is guarded  

During the visit at LiMA offices in Sinkor, both Ambassador McCarthy and Minister Nagbe also discussed ways of mitigating the growing wave of piracy in the Gulf of Guinea.

The US Envoy used the occasion to urged enhances cooperation on issues of mutual interest to Liberia and the United States.

The Government of the US supports Liberia’s Maritime program through multiple technical support including the provision of training and equipment to the Liberia Coast Guard amongst others.