Lofa County Steering Committee Chairman Cyrus Optimistic of Quarterfinals Place Despite Shocking Exit


Monrovia– Reigning Champions, Lofa County who got eliminated out of the National County Sports Meet on the final day of matches on Saturday, December 18, following a stalemate with Grand Cape Mount, remained optimistic of the place in the quarterfinals of the tournament.

Lofa County won her opening match against Gbarpolu, and submitted to a 1-0 defeat against hosts Bomi County in a controversial fashion before they were eliminated following a draw with Cape Mount.

Addressing a press conference, the steering committee chairman, Momo Cyrus revealed that Lofa filed two complaints against both Bomi and Grand Cape Mount.

According to Cyprus, the match between Bomi and Lofa was mishandled by match officials, while the game against Cape Mount, their opponents allegedly used three first division players.

Cyrus disclosed that they did not file a protest but rather file a complaint because the 24 hours given by the Ministry of Youth and Sports have elapsed, stating that they have seen a communication on the social media which they cannot give credence to.

Cyrus further assured every Lofaian to be optimistic of Lofa qualification in the quarterfinals of the tournament.

Said Cyrus, “Our game against Bomi wasn’t managed purposely. We have written complaint to the MYS. We gave them evidences of goals that we scored as we speak we haven’t gotten readdress from out complained.”

“We know we have a very good case we will follow the due process, the people in Lofa and those that following Lofa to rest assure that we are in very good position to win the protest.”

“We know that the MYS has a rule and regulations if one of them is violated irrespective of the time firm, it has to be adjudicated. It is only our wish that the complaints that we sent can be given to readress. If we are not satisfied with the findings from our research, there is an appeal process we to follow.”

Adding, “We didn’t file the complaint under the 24 hours’ time but under the windows, there is another report of complaints so there issue of the complaint to report that the issue of offense was committed.”

“Yes the time frame was there but it doesn’t mean the offense wasn’t committed. The rules of the competition were violated. So research has told that there are cases it was indeed investigated,” Cyrus revealed.