Liberia: ‘Sarpo Giant’ Wins Mr. Montserrado Weightlifting Competition


Monrovia – Prince Kaydee, commonly known as Sarpo Giant, has been crowned weight champion of Montserrado County.

Sarpo Giant who represented Lion Heart Gym walked away with the prestigious title on Friday, May 14 at the Sports Commission after defeating three additional athletes in the competition organized by the strength of the Lion Gym and All Starts Bodybuilders Competition.

The Competition which is the first of its kind over 10 years brought together weightlifters from across the 17 districts in  Montserrado County to determine who is the strongest man in three categories: Deadlift, Squats and Bench Press.

The competition brought together some of the country’s finest weightlifters competing for the title including Rickey Boygeh from District 8 representing Newport street gym, Sarpo Giant of Lion heart gym, Kingston of Caray Gym in Logan Town Alieu of Ultimate gym in Sinkor Iron Buku representing District 7.

The winner was determined based on the total weight lifted by each athlete in the three categories.

Heavyweight Category

In the heavyweight category, Prince Kaydee known as Sarpo Giant accumulated the weight of 1450 pounds in Deadlift, Squat, and Bench press to be name the winner of the heavyweight position t walked away with a giant size trophy, medal and cash prize of US$300 as first  place winner.

Ali Malek Housseini won the second place award after lifting 1365 pounds in both bench press, squat and Deadlift from The Ultimate Gym in Sinkor, 3rd Street.

Ali proved to be very strong in two of the three categories: squat and Deadlift defeating Sarpo giant but could not beat him in the bench press.

The highlight of the night was Ricky being 620 pound in deadlift and 580 pounds in squats.

Middleweights Category Winners

In the middleweight Terry Harris secured first place after a point of 1290 pounds in both bench press, squat and Deadlift and.

The Body master fitness gym representative was over good in squat and deadlift as he squat 520 pound and 450 pounds in deadlift.

Giant Kingston Saah came second to Terry with 1090 pounds in both bench press, squat and Deadlift from Carey gym in Logan town.

For the lightweight Peter Bellah came first with 915 pounds in both bench press, squat and Deadlift from Angry muscle gym and Giant Nathan P. Koon secured second place with 905 pounds in both bench press, squat and Deadlift from Prettyboy gym.

The Organizers said the objective of the competition is to provide training, recruit members and promote gym sports into the national county sports meet and national and regional peace building.

Additionally, the program is expected to  derive a two-year action plan of the Bodybuilding Association and youth empowerment through gym sport.

Speaking to Frontpage Africa  the president of Strength of the Lion Thomas Benjamin  disclosed that Lightweight first winner will walk away with 150usd, middleweight first winner will walk away with 200usd and heavyweight first winner will walk away with 300usd.

According to him the cash prizes  will take place on  June 6,  2021 at the slipway sport pitch where certificates as well will be presented to the winners of the competition.

Speaking to the media after the competition, Sarpo giant said his title is dedicated to the people of Sinoe and promised to continuously make them proud.

He said his target was to be the strongest man in Liberian and presebste the country at international competition.

Terry Harris said winning the middleweight title did not come to him as a surprise because he  jhe world over the years to achieve such title.

“ i knew i was going to win the competition because many Bodybuilders don’t do squat and deadlift that’s where i defeat them,” Terry said.

He is therefore calling on his colleagues to now start to create interest in deadlift and squat because it is looked at more internationally.