Findley Declares Intent to Join Opposition Coalition For Democratic Change


Buchanan, Grand Bassa County – The strongest face of the Unity Party in Grand Bassa County, Gbehzohngar Milton Findley, has announced his intention to join the opposition Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).

Findley resigned the ruling party on August 4, 2017, declaring that he and the party no longer shared common political interests.

Mr. Findley, the former President Pro Tempore of the Senate, announced his intention to join support the soccer legend, Goerge Weah, after he was petitioned by some of his supporters in the County Wednesday in the Corian Farm community where he has his residence.

The petition was read by Mr. Ben Greaves, a local business man, who strongly supports Findley’s political ideologies.

The petition as ready by Greaves, note: “Our decisions in the October 2017 will either enhance or dampen the political gains we have made together as people and national, and realizing that majority of the Liberian people have resolved to effect a real peaceful, positive and democratic change of the Unity Party-led government and to replace same with consolidated and grassroots-based opposition block;

“Now, therefore, we the supporters of Hon. Gbehzohngar Findley, represented by the youths, women and elders of every electoral district and city of Grand Bassa County, confident of your sound leadership and love for country, hereby petition you to support the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) in the October Presidential Election.”

Responding to the petition, Mr. Findley said it is high time political parties have plans to develop Liberia and change the lives of the people they lead.

“From today I am going to meet with the CDC for consultation after which I will get back to you with a positive response.”

He added, “I want a change for hope for my people as means of dong this I have to listen to you my people because you are ones that built my political career.”

He called on his supporters to continuously support him as he moves to his new political home.

Meanwhile, the political leader of the CDC, Senator George Weah has welcomed Mr. Findley to the CDC, noting that Findley’s move to the CDC is a testament that Liberians from all sectors of the society are yearning for change.

Senator Weah posted on his Facebook page:

Standard Bearer of the Coalition For Democratic Change officially welcoming Hon. Findley to the CDC. I would like to officially welcome former Senate Pro-Temp, Hon. Gbehzongar Milton Findley to the Coalition For Democratic Change, CDC.

Hon. Findley is an astute leader with an impeccable record of service to our noble Country. He has contributed immensely to the governance process of our country and I believe he will be a great asset to our movement.

Hon. Findley’s move to our political institution is a testament that Liberians from all sectors of our society are yearning for change; and see the Coalition For Democratic Change as the best political institution and only option to effectively bring about the change that Liberians truly desire.

As he officially joins our movement for change today, I have no doubt in his ability to work assiduously and passionately to ensure that we realize our quest for a prosperous Liberia. I ask that you all embrace him with opened arms and join me in giving him a rousing welcome to our great institution CDC—the party of the people and for the people.

Let me also use this medium to extend opened arms to all of our aggrieved and former partisans that left the struggle due to personal reasons.

I am appealing to you all to return to base as we work to liberate the Liberian people from the shackles of poverty and into a state of abundance and endless opportunities. Thanks and may God bless you all.

Hope is Alive!

Report by Elton Wroinbee Tiah, FPA Contributor contributed to this report