Liberia: Team Eugine Kollie Identifies with Several Institutions in District Five


Suakoko, Bong County – Team Eugine, a group of residents of electoral District Five in Bong County supporting the 2023 representative aspirations of Eugine Kollie, has made available a consignment of assorted medical and building materials to organizations and some individuals in District Five.

Items donated include: zinc, cement, plastic chairs, medical supplies worth seventy-five thousand(75,000.00LD) Liberian dollars and some cash donations to some football teams of the district.

In Yellequelleh District, the group’s donations affected the Gbartala Clinic, the United Methodist, the Pentecost, Independent Pentecost, Mid Baptist and the Better Word Churches, amongst others.

In Suakoko District, institutions that benefited include: Phebe Lutheran, Nyakalah Seven Day Adventist, and the Bethenny Lutheran Churches, amongst others.

Margaret Kennedy School in Sergeant Kollie Town and the Phebe Motorcycle Parking also benefited from the group’s gesture.

Speaking during the donation, the head of the group, Eugine Kollie, said the gesture was intended to ease constraints faced by these institutions and individuals.

Kollie said his intervention was initial, promising to respond to people-centered initiatives in the district when called upon. He said that was just an initial contribution of the team to those institutions. “We have been helping our people for the past ten years and we look forward to doing more. It’s my prayers that these items donated will help address concerns raised to me by the institutions that have benefited. We look forward to doing more for our people in the future,” Kollie said.

Beneficiaries of lauded Kollie and described his intervention as timely. the District #5 strong man for being selective to their plight and for his timely intervention. The residents promised to stand with Kollie in his political sojourn in 2023.

Also speaking, the Vice Chairman for Operations and Mobilization of the National Patriotic Party, Martin Mitchell, said hailed Kollie for recognizing the presence of the party during his donations across District Five.

He said Kollie, as former coordinator of the party in Yellequelleh District, has always demonstrated commitment to the NPP. “I have known Eugine Kollie to be a party discipline person dating as far back as his days as coordinator of the NPP. His recognition to the NPP during these donations is not surprising and I hope other partisans of the NPP will emulate his good examples in moving the party forward,” he said.

The donations coincided with a ten-day tour of Yellequelleh and Suakoko Districts by Team Kollie. On the tour, residents pledged their support to his ambition and praised him for his farsightedness in establishing an early bond with them ahead of 2023.