— As Partisans Reaffirm October 7 Convention Results.

Monrovia – County Chairpersons and District Coordinators of the former governing National Patriotic Party (NPP), have reaffirmed the result of the October 7, 2022, convention, in which Senator James Biney and Mr. Andrew Peters were replaced as National Chairman and National Secretary General respectively.

During a mass gathering at the party’s headquarters Saturday, 29 October,  the county chairs, coordinators and partisans reminded President George Weah and constituent parties – Congress for Democratic Change and Liberian People Democratic Party – in keeping with the coalition agreement, the NPP, like any of the three constituent parties, is an independent and responsible political party with the right to decide its leadership and path of governance without the intervention and/or interference of the government or any of the other two parties.

The NPP partisans vowed to resist any attempt by anyone, no matter his or her position, to impose on them a leadership that does not enjoy the blessing and confidence of the people.

Some key partisans were heard threatening not to participate in the impending December endorsement program for President Weah’s re-election bid and the 2023 campaign for the CDC if the leadership of the governing authorities and the Coalition for Democratic Change attempt to impose an unwanted leadership on the NPP.

 The NPP executives and partisans sent a resounding message to President George Weah, cautioning him not to be misled by “selfish” and “visionless” characters who are bent on painting a fake picture of what the realities of the party’s position is.

Earlier, the newly elected National Chairman of the NPP, Cllr. Stanley Kparkilen vowed that his leadership remains committed to upholding the will and desire of the majority and reuniting the NPP ahead of the 2023 presidential elections.

The aggrieved NPP partisans accused the mediation committee set up by the Coalition for Democratic Change of playing a double standard game by preferring a status quo ante resolution method, which they view as an attempt to undermine the democratic will of the people.

They hailed and endorsed the reaffirmation of the newly elected officials by the coordinators and county chairs.

Sources closed to the national leadership of governing Coalition for Democratic Change have hinted that the leadership of the Coalition, apparently influenced by powerful people, is favoring a resolution method that requires all parties going back to status quo ante, meaning Senator Biney remains National Chairman and Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor remaining the Standard Bearer until the 2023 elections.