Liberia: Gbarpolu Chiefs offer prayers for Amara Konneh As he Declares His Intention for the Senate


BOPOLU, Gbarpolu County – Former Finance Minister Amara Konneh has embarked on seeking the blessings of the traditional chiefs and elders of Gbarpolu County as he informs residents in the county of his quest to contest the pending 2023 elections as Senator in the County.

Recently return to Liberia after spending six years working at the World Bank, Mr. Konneh told his supporters that he will contest either in Gbarpolu or Montserrado County.

But from the look of things, Mr. Konneh has finally decided to democratically replace current ANC Senator Daniel Naatehn who is expected to go for reelection.

It is not yet clear as to which political party’s ticket the former Finance Minister would contest on as he embarks on his political journey.

Konneh over the weekend began a tour in the county seeking the blessings of the elders and traditional chiefs of Gbarpolu county.

“My old people of this great county, here’s your son, I came to seek your blessings and to inform your that I want to be the next Senator for this county. I want to represent your interest as the next Senator of Gbarpolu County,” he pleaded.

Starting his tour from the first town in Gbarpolu County, Daniel Warner Farm, Konneh visited his family’s town, Konneh La, Bomboma, Madina, Henry Town and Bambuta, among many other towns in the county.

Konneh was offered a special prayer by both the Christian and Muslim Communities in Bambus Town, a town where his mother hailed.

While in Bambus Town, Konneh visited his late mother’s grave where another prayer was offered.

Residents of the various towns explained to Konneh that for more than seven years there has been no drinking water and they were drinking from a creek.

“We’ve been drinking from the creek and all the politicians been coming here and lying to us and when they win they ran away,” an elder in Daniel Farm explained.

According to residents, since the existene of the town, it is UNICEF that recently constructed one hand pump there.

Konneh in response to the people’s plight and quest for safe drinking water promised to construct another pump in addition to what UNICEF had constructed in there.

The town chief of Daniel Farm, Mark Togba, said the people of the town have been thinking as to whom to vote for since other politicians have lied to them. According to him, residents of the town are glad to see their own son expressing interest in representing them at the level of the Senate.
The people of Konneh La also complained that there is no running water, pit latrine and lack of hospital as was raised by previous towns.

In Bopolu City, the capital of Gbarpolu County, elders of the city welcomed Konneh and gave him their blessings.

“We are happy to hear that you want to contest to be Senator, you have our blessings and we know that one day you will be President of this country because Gbarpolu has not produced President. The only thing I can tell you is that don’t forget the youth, they are the ones that will make the decisions on our behalf, don’t forget about the entire county, we are with you,” elder Kamara of Bopolu City expressed as he welcomed Amara Konneh with kola nuts.

The youth of Madina Town also assured Konneh of their full support. The town which is predominantly Muslim urged Mr. Konneh to not be deterred if he hears that other politician had gone there seeking votes.

“Don’t worry, we for you, others will come here to look for votes, it’s their right but rest assured that the youth of this town are for you because you are one of us” the youth chairman of Madina