Liberia: Cummings Rallies Support in Bomi County; Blasts Govt for “Pocketing Monies from Resources”


Monrovia – The Alternative National Congress (ANC) Political Leader Alexander B. Cummings is demonstrating an unwavering quest to rally supporters across Liberia, despite being tied up in a legal proceeding which many of his supporters deem as political and intended to keep him off-track from his political goal.

Cummings seems to be more vigored on what he calls his mission to create a real change in Liberia, following his visit to towns and villages in Sewn Mecca District, Bomi County, a day after he appeared for the third time to face the criminal indictment against him.

The towns include Sumo Town, Bojay Town, Mumbai Town, Ziamu Clan, and Swen Mecca.

Cummings on Thursday, January 20, blasted the government at a gathering comprising women, youths, and elders in four towns and villages within Swen Mecca District for allegedly “pocketing monies from resources to fast track developments that should benefit citizens”.

“There is no reason Liberia should remain the same after years, and it can only change around when government manage resources well and not to put them in their pockets,” Cummings told residents of Bomi County.

“I pray that we as a country can get pave roads, good schools and our people can eat three meals a day. But this can work, if people who lead cannot put money from our resources in their pocket, that is why we need a new kind of leader who can make this work,” further calling for a change of leadership, which he believes cannot fit the current generation.

His statement comes when residents of the four towns in separate remarks, expressed serious concern about the lack of healthcare facilities, quality learning environment, and infrastructure among others, which they believe Cummings could make advancement towards, as one who is being viewed as an alternative.

The residents similarly said the lack of these basic social services, coupled with lack of teachers at the already ‘wretch-structures with inadequate seating capacity ’ being used as a learning center for their children is seriously troubling for them at such an age.

One of the residents in Mumbai Town revealed to FrontPageAfrica that teachers sent by the government to offer their voluntary services have all left due to government’s failure to include them on payroll.

As a result, they said their children are now unable to attain quality education, which is one of the pillars of the George Weah administration.

They, however, see the presence of Mr. Cummings as one which signifies his readiness and willingness to bring the kind of change so desired by Liberians, and as a result, they will rally support across Bomi County to ensure the ANC Political Leader takes the helm of the Liberian Leadership.

“Each time I visit my home, I feel so sorry and wants to cry and in so doing, we have to stand up to ensure that this suffering change, and you the elders have to stand strong to make that happen,” Benjamin Dukluly, Youth Leader of Sumo Town started.

In Bojay Town, the residents said they have read about Cummings developmental activities, but the impact is yet to be felt in that part of Bomi. As a result, they appealed that Mr. Cummings help them establish a youth center, as well as extend his scholarship scheme to residents of the area.

They, however, cautioned him not to forget them if the presidential dice goes in his favor. They stressed that others who came to them in past elections were given support, but are yet to commend them in return.

Nevertheless, these frustrations being raised by the people of Bomi County, Mr. Cummings said his only purpose is to work for Liberians and to change the status of Liberia so that it can be able to benefit every citizen.

He warned Liberians against the tendency of using tribe, religion, and other divisive means, but to hold together for the common good of onward growth.

“In Liberia for, too long, we have divided ourselves by tribe, religion, and others and the only way forward to change is to change such perception and attitude,” Cummings said.

Cummings emphasized the need that every Liberians be given equal attention, which he said calls for the election of different people who have the country at heart.

He maintained that changing the entire governing system currently being used in t country can be one of the best options to ensure that Liberia gets better.

Mr. Cummings stressed: “If the government is well managed, most of the underdevelopment across Liberia would be fast track. We need to work together as people of Liberia to change Liberia.”