Liberia: 25-Year-Old, Petitioned To Contest District 9 By-Election


MONROVIA – Hundreds of residents gathered within the People United Community over the weekend to petition prominent multi international leadership and humanitarian award winner, United Nations youth Rep and global activist Wantoe Teah Wantoe to contest for the vacant seat of District 9.

The petition, read that Wantoe has committed to be an advocate and progressive trailblazer for the people district 9 and Liberia. He has a great ability to bring together caring for people with need for systemic change. He understands and tries to link the connections between the social, political, economic and environmental change with deep obligation and empathy.

 Since the age of nine, Wantoe has championed the right of women and children and have been one of Liberia’s prime face for global sustainability and youth development. He has lived the challenges of the ordinary masses within District 9. He hailed from a humble family with a huge history of service and leadership to the community and district.  His mom rendered pro bono midwifery to thousands of women throughout her career. She was a pioneer worker of the first and only community clinic in People United Community serving women all across the district.

She is the only known worker without salary but extremely committed. She is a champion for prenatal and maternal health. His Dad served in numerous leadership role in the community and was a traditional herbalist providing relief for several children and women. He is a passionate and dedicated young man driven by social causes. His listening and communication skills allow him to influence and mobilize young people, his community and decision makers. He is compassionate, always interested in other people’s views, and shimmering on how he can lead his life to improve the lives of others. His Leadership and commitment to solving deep systemic change is not in hidden. He has led several mentorship hubs across district 9 and Liberia for young people and is one of the first in lead during national crisis or growth of inequalities. 

A consistent voice at articulating policy prescription for the plethora of crisis in Liberia.  Evidence of his impeccable leadership and commitment to solving societal issues, Wantoe was awarded as a 2020 Friend of Humanity Distinguished Alumni Award Distinguished Alumni Award  by the Friendship Ambassador Foundations. In June, he was awarded by a US college in New York, College of Mount Saint Vincent, The Vincent De Paul Award for his contribution to global enlightenment, student’s consciousness and systemic change. He is a certified 2019 Obama Foundation Leadership Asset and Dialogue Alumni. In addition, a 2019 Princess Diana Award Recipient Princess Diana Award Recipient, A 2018 Global Young Voices SDGs Champion Winner SDGs Champion Winner And a 2017 FAF Humanitarian Impact Winner Humanitarian Impact Winner among several recognitions. These recognitions landed with numerous impacts in resolving world issues that require his critical leadership skills, teamwork and a deep sense of humanity.

We see in Wantoe a progressive leader who have shown his preparedness in numerous global spaces. In 2016, He was invited by the then United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, Stephen O’Brien to deliver a preliminary statement at the first-ever World Humanitarian Summit in Turkey. His Speech generated over 3,000 commitments to action and more than a dozen new partnerships and initiatives for a meaningful change in our world.

In September 2019, he led a draft committee on the official civil society statement on Samoa Pathway at the General Assembly. He is currently the co-founder of the Youth Leader for Global Change and the African Diaspora Youth Network. He serves as the Youth Representative of the Sisters of Charity Federation to the United Nations Department of Global Communication Civil Society Unit and the UN Working Group to End Homelessness.  For reference of international models, he has worked on He established an undergraduate research center at the College of mount saint Vincent. He even led a progressive campaign on the US Fiscal Deficit and even a Global Climate  Walkout. For these reasons and more, we believe Hon. Wantoe Teah Wantoe has not only to merit this petition for district #9 representative by-election but will transform this district tremendously. He is the leader we need and deserves and we will vigorously with our sweat for him.

 In his acceptance, wantoe specified the moment, location and the faces here flashback an emotional moment for him. 25 years ago,he was born within district 9 inheriting the hurdles of unprecedented challenge of poverty, lack of access to health underprovided education, lack of clean drinking water and electricity, fear of sea erosion, hunger and starvation among several impediments. People United Community amidst all the inherited challenges was a home with inimitable waves of optimism. He believes District 9 presents a great space for development and engagement and it is rich in Assets and full of extreme opportunities that are not fully utilized.

He stressed that being born in District 9, schooled in the District and work within the district especially from a humble background he knows what extreme poverty is. Each basic plan he would championed are lives he lived and consistently argued against. He is confident and    believe we can rally a better agenda that would transform District 9 to prosperity. District 9 is experiencing diverse parallel and simultaneously crises before and even now after the death of honorable Youngblood.

There is lack of quality health care, deficiency of education absence of clean water and sanitation, increasing maternal mortality within the district. Also, the disable community have been completely neglected in similar ways that girls and women are being unvaryingly molested and sexually abused, he said.

Wantoe: “The gender inequality gap shows that women are vulnerable due to unemployment, low income, maternal mortality, illiteracy and so many other vulnerabilities. Professional development opportunities for young people is remote and at-risk youth are hovering without a plan for psychological and rehabilitation mechanism. Two-thirds of the houses lacks basic electricity and safe drinking water. We will fight to redeem the district with concrete plans.

“From building market to revamping our health sector and leading compressive coverage of electricity and clean sanitation and water, we will go all out for women empowerment and fight to end sexual and gender-based violence. We will provide a plan to empower market women and launch entrepreneurship. As an activist for equity, we will consider making live accessible for disable and population at risk. I believe in girls’ education and 60 percent of my salary as a Representative will be split in providing a purse for girls in STEM education and vocational training. The crisis in district 9 are purely systemic hitches and I am promising to lead an intervention with an all-inclusive solution.  We will initiate an unparalleled undertaking to fight for these resolutions and subsequently shape a better District and country. We have developed a full plan for everything. We believe these plans are direct opportunities to achieve maximum productivity in diverse sectors within district 9.”

Wantoe appreciated everyone for trusting him to take his bold step and openly declared his campaigned opened.

 You can read more about Wantoe strategies and manifestos You can also contribute to Wantoe campaign through this  Link