“If You Park Race Car in A Garage For 12 Years It Gets Rusty” – Cummings on VP Analogy



Monrovia – While appearing live on Capital Radio Monday morning, Presidential candidate Alexander B. Cummings, was asked about the Vice President’s analogy in which the Vice President referred to himself as a “race car parked in a garage for 12 years”.

During the first presidential debate, Vice President Boakai, when asked about the shortcomings of the Unity Party government and his position as second in command to the president responded that,

“You cannot keep a race car in the garage; put a race car on the track and see what that car will do.”

When asked about his opinion on the Vice President remarks Cummings said,

“I am huge fan of Formula 51, so I know a bit about race cars. From what I know about race cars, if you park a race car in the garage for 12 years and it doesn’t move, it becomes obsolete.”

” Its parts get old, rusty, and no longer work. After 12 years, the car itself would have become outdated—–unable to compete with newer, fresher models on the road.”

Returning from a tour of the Western region, Cummings went on air to discuss his trip, his platform and vision.

When asked about national security, Cummings said,

“The biggest threat to our national security is the large number of unemployed people we have in Liberia.”

“Our country’s unemployment rate is almost at 70%, meaning thousands of Liberians are living meal to meal.”

“When people are hungry and desperate to find their next meal, they are easily persuadable—to incite, because they feel like they have nothing to lose. That’s a very dangerous place for our country to be in.

Our administration will work aggressively to address our unemployment challenge.

“We empower our people by creating job opportunities, providing them with skills training and development, and attracting investors who will create labor-intensive industries that provide a high number of low skill jobs our people can fill.”

“We will also ensure that our security personnel are being paid fairly and on-time.”

The Alternative National Congress presidential candidate also discussed his strategies for fighting corruption and reiterated his pledge to forgo his salary as president and dedicate it to fighting the societal ill.

“I will personally pledge my salary to fund an anti-corruption court and establish an anti-corruption czar, as an illustration of my commitment to fighting corruption.”

“We will appoint an anti-corruption czar whose job will be to coordinate and direct all of our country’s already established integrity institutions and ensure that they are working together and effectively.

We will also identify the positions where individuals are most likely to engage in corruption, and publicize them so that identifying corruption is a public engagement.

Lastly, I will ensure that there is a balanced distribution of government spending, especially in terms of officials’ compensation.”

“We will reduce the compensation and benefits received by high-level government officials and increase those of teachers, health workers and police officers.” said Cummings.

Alexander B. Cummings is the presidential candidate of the Alternative National Congress.

The former Coca-Cola Executive announced his decision to run for president of the republic of Liberia and in a short time has become a frontrunner in the race.

He dedicated to creating real change in Liberia by developing Liberia’s infrastructure, creating jobs, expanding the economy, fixing the education and healthcare system, and fighting corruption.