Alternative National Congress Still Confident of Credible Elections


Monrovia – The Alternative National Congress (ANC) says it is still confident in the ability of the National Elections Commission (NEC) to conduct free, fair and transparent elections, despite rejecting their vice standard bearer’s nomination.

Report by Henry Karmo – [email protected]

On Monday, the party’s chairman, Lafayette Gould told journalists that despite the NEC’s rejection, his vice standard bearer Ambassador Jeremiah Sulunteh will be on the ballot as running mate to Alexander Cummings.

Lafayette Gould: “We would like to formally assure all of our executive committee members, partisans, supporters and well-wishers, as well as inform our unfortunate detractors, that Ambassador Sulunteh will be joining other standard Bearer Mr. Alexander Cummings on the ballot this October following this certification process.

“We stand firmly confident in this belief. Our lawyers, previous to his appointment as Mr. Alexander Cummings running mate, found him to wholly be in good standing with the law as he has been in the entirety of his career as a politician and as a son of the Republic of Liberia.”

The ANC chairman called on supporters of the ANC to remain calm, confident and undistracted over the recent announcement from the National Elections Commission (NEC).

He wants them to remain focused on creating a better Liberia, where all voters are allowed to fairly make their decision this October so that Liberians can have a country they deserved.

“In view of these recent developments, we still have confidence in the National Elections Commission and believe that they are capable of conducting a credible, free, fair and transparent election.

“Finally, we want to assure you that all our supporters across the country are fully confident that Mr. Alexander Cummings and Ambassador Jeremiah Sulunteh will be elected President and Vice President this coming October 2017 elections and inaugurated January 2018.”

Contrary to the ANC position the standard bearer of the opposition Liberty Party Mr. Charles Brumskine, took serious exception to the decision by the National Elections Commission to reject his running mate, Mr. Harrison Karnwea from contesting the upcoming presidential elections.

Brumskine claimed that the Commissioners, like most other Liberians, are aware that the Brumskine/Karnwea ticket is a formidable ticket, so the Commissioners are doing what they believe they must do to have the candidate of their choice elected and prevent the people of Liberia from benefiting from the vision, plans of action, and political resolve of Liberty Party to improve the lives of every Liberian, including those Commissioners.

“But they are dead wrong! With God above and the support of the Liberian people, not even the NEC can stop the fulfillment of the dream of the suffering masses of our country,” he said.

Cllr. Brumskine said because it is neither legally feasible nor practicable to replace the Commissioners of the NEC prior to the October 10 General and Presidential elections, he is making a plea to President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf to have the necessary mechanisms put in place to ensure that the elections are free and fair.