Saah Joseph Is Not The Right Fit For Montserrado County


The Editor,

Yesterday I began to look at those contesting in the ensuing by-election in Montserrado County. Today, I am taking a look at Candidate Hon Saah H. Joseph. Rep. Joseph a former Ambulance Emergency Driver made maximum use of the CDC Montserrado County dominance in 2011 and snashed the virgin District 13 seat; defeating John J. Weah, Jr.

Today, after his re-election in 2017, he has opted to leap in the a Senate vacancy that comes to an end as the same time of his representative tenure. Saah Joseph being the candidate of the ruling party puts him in pole position to win.

Saah having made his own name during the 2014 Ebola scourge election is almost eminent, but could face small hitches due to the prevailing economic situations in the Country. The harsh reality of today in which those who chanted the CDC slogan are feeling the pinch of the high prices of petroleum,rice, transportation, and other commodities could just cause him his senatorial quest. His defeat is only possible if there is a serious contender. As it appears, only DJ Blue seems to be putting up a fight; yet his tactics need to intensify. That’s if he(DJ blue) wants to be consider as the lead challenger.

As an individual, I will not vote for the perceived County Giant. Here are the following reasons:

A. The government grossly violeted the constitution on the basis of “no money” for the by-elections, yet they are feeding two sitting representatives as their candidates. If they are elected, there will be by-elections again and a possible constitutional violation.

B. Anyone who is elected tenure comes to an end in 2023, the same year all sitting representatives will be seeking re-elections.

C. Just as in 2014 he was Representative and performed exceptionally in curbing the Ebola epidemic, he doesn’t need to be Senator to perform proper oversight, lawmaking n representation.

With all being said, Rep. Saah Hardy Joseph might just be the eventual winner of the race.

Emmanuel K Barnes

Youth Activist

[email protected]