President Weah’s Latest Appointments- Old Wines in New Bottles


The Editor,

The recycling of old wine in new bottles continues and the musical chairs rotation in full play. So, this must be true indeed that President George Manneh Weah has refused or could not convince his uncle, world acclaimed Liberian Economist, Dr. Togba Nah Tipoteh to be the Economic/Finance Tzar in his government as either Finance Minister, Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia, or still yet, his gatekeeper Minister of State for Presidential Affairs? Aey ya Oppong!

Therefore, we hardworking Liberians in America who were insulted last week by President Weah’s big mouth talker, Deputy Information Minister Eugene Fahngon as “Carto(o)n Pushers” better keep sending our “carton pushing” money to our poor family members, friends and the CDC regime that unjustly collects 25 percent of that money to supplement the near worthless Liberian Dollar that has no monetary value outside of Liberia.

In 2017, we the proud “carton pushers/Liberians” in America sent home $350 million to Liberia. The government and economy will collapse in a heartbeat if we stop sending money home. For you the “book/educated people,” 25% of $350 million is $87.5 million that we “carton pushers” put into the corrupt pockets of government officials or the government stole from us. And we do this every year going back to the regime of corrupt Ellen Johnson Surleaf.

As for this latest round of appointments, President Weah himself said it profoundly that: “when competent people are not available, then the incompetent will take over the government.” True indeed!

But with the financial sector in a nose-diving meltdown, the economy in a tillspin, a bloated government that cannot meet its payroll, why the new appointments? Call it CDCianomics or Weahnomics.

If the IMF is allowed to write the monthly payroll checks–in the absence of meaningful and drastic salary reductions in the bloated Executive, Judiciary and Legislative Branches–I bet my neck on the chopping block that Dr. Weah will send the IMF team packing for Washington, DC in less than two years.

President Weah’s ego and flamboyant lifestyle will not permit him to have the IMF literally tie his hands behind his back. 

The IMF now wants to include its claims of a “$160 million loan” from the Ellen presidency to any new arrangement to steamline Liberia’s current economic mess; a no-no sofar from Team Weah. Then it is back to ground zero and a financial gloom and doom that will hang over the Pro-Poor CDC regime like monkey on one’s back. 

Again, if the government doesn’t cut a deal with the IMF, which will be very painful for the first few years and you let them go, then begin to say your prayers. Just a thought and not a sermon.

Jerry Wehtee Wion, Washington ,DC, USA

[email protected]