Liberians Are Still Longing For Its Founding Purpose


Dear President Weah:

One-hundred-ninety-seven years ago- in (1821), this 43, 000 square miles piece of land of ours, was identified to serve as the home for freedom.

This was after the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, declared slave trade illegal on January 1, 1863.

That was why and how some of the freed slaves who had agreed to return to their ancestry roots had the opportunity to do so.

That was how Liberia’s official seal became “The Love of Liberty Brought Us Here.”  
Before discovery for this purpose, this precious piece of land of ours, was already occupied by indigenous. 

The forefathers comprising the 16 tribes of this country were not direct victims of the evil practice of slavery. 

However, they had their experiences on the homeland as conditions they endured was reminiscent of slavery. 

To this date, majority of Liberians are still experiencing these same conditions suggestive of those slavery days that is why Liberians are still thirsting for its founding purpose. 

The Love of “Liberty” was intended to create equal access to learning and economic empowerment opportunities for everyone.

It was intended to create rule of law and justice for all. It was intended to create free speech and free Press. 

It was intended to create freedom of religion. It was intended to create accountability and transparency.
Above all, it was intended as a home to create a level playing field for all citizens irrespective of one’s ethnicity or religion to have equal opportunities for success. 

Based on these reasons, Liberia proclaimed its independence on July 26, 1847.  
After nearly 171 years, it is clear that the assurance of equal access to learning and economic empowerment opportunities for which Liberia was established is far from being true because of our failure and refusal to pursue the founding purpose.

Rule of Law and Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press are currently under attack.   

The reason for this is clear and sample. Over the years, all those who rose to the positions of power have never been there for the Liberian people.

Instead, what we have seen and witnessed over time that every Liberian who ascended to political power see himself or herself as semi-gods. They have not demonstrated having the country at heart. 
Please right this wrong Mr. President. 

We have been told over and over and again, that nothing can change about the current situation in Liberia.  This is falsehood narrative.  

We have been told repeatedly there is no need to try. Just grab your own and go when you get any opportunity. 

The truth is there is no country on the face of the earth including the United States that emerged industrialized.

Rule of Law and proper utilization of national resources outside the interest of anyone including the presidency is the key for all successful countries.     

We can do better. This is why I am recommending for you to set a new direction for the country. 
Begin by sending a draft Legislation to the National Legislature cutting all salaries and allowances including yours and the vice president by 50% percent.

If the Legislature rejects… then call for a national referendum. This will reflect the true meaning of your campaign song, “Your Move on the Road, Papa Weah Coming Again.”  

This will also be in line with article one of the Liberian Constitution, which says the key reason of serving in government is for the satisfaction and security of the people.

This is because the current salaries and allowances for government officials are at the expense of the suffering majority. 

There are those who argue that you meant the salaries structure there. Well, we were all born naked. Why don’t we walk naked everywhere?  

The fact is salaries and allowances of all successful countries are determining by productive capacities.

The question is, in the Liberian situation, what is the bench mark for salaries and allowances?

The fact it is, it is wrong to just be consumers of the products of other countries.  To become producers as well, the reduction of salaries and allowances will mark the beginning of fulfilling the founding purpose of Liberia being longed.  Also, Press Freedom is key. 

Jarwinken Wiah

[email protected]
North Dakota