Liberian Businesses Must Stand On Their Own Two Feet


The Editor,

Every time you read the paper, you see a Liberian business man or woman begging for “support”… To them “support” means giving them free money and special privileges!

(Re “Shark’s Ice Cream CEO Calls for Support for Local Businesses”)

But why can’t these business people stand on their own two feet? Well, guess what? The government is not your parents!

You are not entitled to child support. It’s time you learn to stand on your own two feet! 

Look folks, if the banks won’t lend these business people money, they should find creative ways to get access to it (money).

Hey, they can join a Susu.  Can’t they?

People in Liberia have used the Susu for hundreds of years as a way to gain access to cash (capital) or save for a goal.

When my father didn’t have money to start his small farming business in Gbalatuah (Bong County), he joined a Susu so he could borrow money. 

On a monthly basis, he paid his Susu back with some of the profits he made selling his produce. I spent my entire vacation selling oranges from my father’s farm!

Not one day did I ever hear my father complaining about the lack of “support” from the Liberian government for his farming business!

My father believes that it’s not the government’s job to give special privileges to Liberian-owned businesses OR lend our tax dollars to risk-taking Liberians!

If these so called Liberian businesses can’t stand the heat in the kitchen, they should get the hell out!

Martin Scott,
Atlanta, Georgia