‘Fece’ Government Schools Responsible For WAEC Failures


The Editor,

We all know that government school students don’t know poo-poo!, so why do we need another damn committee to tell us what we already know?? (Re “Liberia Sets up Public Examinations Review Committee”).

Hey Mr. Education Minister, the reason why most government school students fail the National Exams (WAEC), is because of the substandard education they are receiving from your “fece” government school.

Most of these government schools’ teachers and administrators are incompetent and immoral. They take bribes and have sex with their students’ in exchange good grades! Because of that (grade inflation), a typical government school 12th grader reads, writes, and computes at a 8th grade level.

And guess what?

Most of the goons you see on our streets, throwing stones at Police, begging for money, blocking traffic, burning tires, stopping productive citizens from going to work, are either political science major at LU, or unemployed government schools graduates!!!

Yes, that’s your education tax dollars at work…destroying our country Government school education has done more harm to our country than our 2 “civil war” combined!

But didn’t you know that already, Mr. Minister?  If so, then why do you need Sissy Mary Laurene Browne and Cllr. Work-for- Belly Warner to tell you what you already know?

Look. There is no special information or wisdom available to these appointed public officials (Public Examinations Review Committee members) that is not available to you and the “education consultants” at the Ministry of Education.

If you and your consultants don’t know why government school students are failing, I recommend abolishing the Ministry of Education altogether and giving that money (school voucher or opportunity scholarship) to parents to allow them to send their children to a private or parochial school of their choice…

It can be done in 3 easy steps:

Step 1. Ship you (Werner) back to Pleebo in 7 days! (Hey, weren’t you were born there?)
Step 2. Abolish your US$80 million Ministry of Education
Step 3. Pass a law stating that “The state shall protect freedom of educational choice of a pupil and a parent…The state shall finance education of a pupil from the central budget by a voucher and every parent has a right to get a voucher for financing the education of a child who reaches school age”

That’s it.

Memo to Minister Werner:   If you don’t believe that we should abolish your ministry, can you please spare us from your Public Examination Review Committee (PERC)???

It’s total waste of our public resources to wine and dine PERC members to restate the obvious.

Martin Scott, Teacher Gladys son
[email protected] | Atlanta, Georgia